Wednesday, December 1, 2010

♥ we may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

my friend sarah sent along the cutest article from the ny times
that i just had to share with you. daniel and dasha faires are highschool
sweethearts & newly weds from arkansas who now inhabit a teeny tiny
375-square foot apartment in the big apple.

at $2,000 a month, this apartment boasts little over two rooms:
one bedroom and another for everything else-- which may sound like a
shoe-box until you see the pictures. thanks to the high ceilings, exposed brick,
the additional outdoor terrace and the couple's fabulous conglomeration
of found objects and re-purposed furniture pieces, their cozy nook appears
to be much roomier than you would imagine.

i love the chalkboard painted wall, the apothecary-like accessories and
the wooden furnishings made by mr. faires himself for his company,
capsule furniture. each piece comes with a small time capsule of
the wood's history. total genius.

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  1. Love everything about this apartment!!! So NYC! The black board wall, high ceilings, decor and exposed brick just oozes cool!

  2. That apartment might be tiny, but I LOVE everything about it. :)SarahD

  3. Whoa, it's beautiful! I'm envious of their abilities to create such a great space out of so little. Our little apartment is just full of clutter, we have no design skills at all!

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  4. WOW !
    Love your posts for the originality!!
    Beutyful last photo!
    And Tilda Swinton!! Brilliant!thanks for remind me her!

  5. I LOVE this place!! I am obsessed with warm, cozy abodes and this definitely takes the cake.

  6. This apartment is precious! I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, sooo exciting about your wedding. September is the best month to get married. :) I actually got the bridesmaid dresses from David's Bridal (but they don't look like it at all!) Here is the link for them.


  7. Wowzer! It's all amazing! Just adore it! Nothing like seeing people utilize the space they have!

    xox tash

  8. I LOVE!!! that apartment. It might be "small" but it's gorgeous. Newest follower!

  9. what an awesome place! i can't believe it's $2000 though :(

  10. WOW, this is AMAZING, they are so creative. Love what they've done to their apartment :)


  11. I love how they've made such great use of their space! So pleasing to the eye. My boyfriend was just talking about wanting a small cozy space, and I was like O_o but this makes me reconsider. So lovely.


  12. 2 words - outdoor space! Simply amazing :-) And how cute are they?

  13. i was renting on my own for almost a year, if my apartment looked anything like this I would be so pleased with myself. I love EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! what a lovely humble abode. Loving the rustic charm!

    thank you for sharing, my partner would love to have any apartment like this! so many ideas!

    a new follower indeed!

    come stop by for a visit or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan


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