Wednesday, September 28, 2016

♥ on view this Saturday: WORK IN PROGRESS.

a typical saturday night for me involves chasing henry around the house until
he falls asleep, eating something delicious with my hubby (who after 16 years 
together is finally eating more vegetarian :), and maybe binge-watching 
something on netflix like every other suburban basic biatch...
but this saturday, mama's going out! 

join nineteenth ammendment,  boston artist collective and liquid art house
saturday, october 1st, from 5-8 pm at liquid art house on 100 arlington street, boston
as they bid farewell to boston fashion week and say hello to artweek boston
with "WORK IN PROGRESS" featuring fashion designers, graciela rivas,
meghan hughes and bohn jsell, a live mural by artist ian lantz, and
live music by dj denis kotech!

art- music- and fashion, for only $10? count me in!
tickets are available here! hope i see you there!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

♥ from fenway to the runway!

last week, i had the opportunity to work as a dresser for the from fenway to the runway
event at the hotel commonwealth, presented by bloomingdale's in conjunction with
the red sox foundation- featuring the wives, girlfriends and fiances of many
of the red sox players!!

 this fashionable event showcased some of the latest fall trends- think wine, velvet,
bold colored furs, lace, saddle bags and over the knee boots- as well as some of the department 
store's top designer brands.

the models were each given an exclusive fitting weeks in advance, where they were able to 
choose two looks that reflected their personality and taste. during the show, there was a feeling 
of nervous excitement in the air, as well as a camaraderie for being the most important women behind
these great baseball figures. everyone was happy to celebrate and honor tiffany ortiz, 
who would make her final runway appearance this year.

if you saw my instagram last week, you probably know that for a fleeting moment,
i shared the same air as david ortiz! it was pure magic and i am still star struck!
i don't think he noticed me at all as i quietly snapped a few pictures on my 
phone over someone's shoulder- but still, wow! ;)

ps. for the event, i wore one of my favorite frocks that i received from e-shakti,
which i love not only for the fifties flare but most importantly
because it has pockets!!! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

♥ watching the sunset on mayflower beach.

i am currently on cape cod, soaking up the very last bits of summer sunshine
with my family! we visited mayflower beach on saturday night and i was blown 
away by the picturesque sunset. i could not stop taking pictures!
i hope you enjoy!! xoxo

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

♥ because your kiss is on my list.

forever 21, lip print bow blouse
forever 21, faux leather skirt
kate spade pink/red bag
h&m black booties

last week, i met up with my girl, lei ann at the newbury street boutique, m0851.
 to check out their latest fall merchandise! (remember when i visited back in february?)

i had a chance to try on this jacket, which was very soft and incredibly 
weather-proof, but i would have loved in more exciting color ;)

photos by lei ann!

here i am, mid-sentence, wondering if it comes in hot pink?? ha!!

per usual, lei ann and i were twinning with our printed tops and skater skirts!
i wish we had taken advantage of the natural lighting before it got dark
(damn you- fall!), but we still managed to capture out quirky, colorful looks!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

♥ an interview with stylist, tricia cromwell & style swap details!

it has been years (!!) since i have participated in a fashion swap,
but the good memories and amazing fashion finds have lasted forever-
which is why i had to share an upcoming opportunity for you
readers living near boston!

what: a clothing swap event that allows women to update their wardrobe, donate to a
 great cause and help empower those less fortunate. this year will mark the 5th annual 
boston fashion week style swap!

who: tricia cromwell, wardrobe consultant/founder of trust in tricia, is hosting the swap event
to benefit project hope.

when: tuesday, september 27th, 2016
5:30-9:30 pm
dropoff: 5:30-7pm
swap boutique: 8 pm

262 friend street
boston, ma

i had a chance to ask local stylist, tricia cromwell a few questions about the history of 
her fashion swaps, the charity element that empowers women (through the power of fashion!) 
and what we can expect this time around!

A Glimpse of Glamour: How long have you been a style consultant? What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Tricia Cromwell:  I have been styling almost since I started working in retail when I was 16, but I officially began doing it independently and launched Trust in Tricia in 2008. The most rewarding part is helping a client get their confidence back. The look on their face when you see the break through has been made and have their "fashion mojo" back. Being confident helps people be better parents, better employees, better friends. And being able to help my clients achieve this through fashion, while ensuring they look their best, is a win/win for both of us.

AGOG: Tell me why Project Hope is a charity that strikes a chord with the work you do? Have you partnered with any other charities over the years?

TC: I have partnered with several other amazing charities and women's shelters in the past, but when I met with Project Hope we just clicked. I can relate to so many of the women's struggles, they provide programs similar to those that helped me when I was growing up, and the fact that the organization was so hands on captivated me. I am able to work directly with the women that my fashion workshops and Style Swaps are benefiting, I get to know them individually and it really makes the entire process that much more heartfelt.

AGOG: What is the best and most unexpected outcome of your Style swaps?

TC: How much the swappers help each other! My goal was to bring strangers together to swap clothes, and I have the events at night in upscale venues to promote respectful behavior instead of crazy fights over the goods. But to see the comradery that is formed at the swaps, when strangers help each other find their sizes and items that would be good for them, or when swappers share their unused swap tickets with others so they can take more, impresses me every time! 

AGOG:  Tell me how the Style Swaps have evolved over the past five years?

TC: I think the Style Swaps have helped to break sterotypes of typical clothing swaps. New attendees are always pleasantly surprised to find the other activities that have been planned for the night, the involvement of Project Hope and the difference they are making, as well as the networking opportunities with other fashionistas and professionals. The Style Swaps prove that clothing swaps can be done in upscale locations with women sipping wine and swapping in heels, and that the entire night as a whole is just as beneficial as the actual swap. 

 AGOG: What can we expect to see at the Style Swap this year?

TC: Many returning veteran swappers that always bring the party as well as new swappers. Jewelinga, lead by Boston jewelry designer Inga Puzikov is the event's sponsor and will have a table of her beautiful jewelry set up. We will have an interactive raffle to benefit Project Hope and someone from the charity will speak about their specific experiences and triumphs.

AGOG:  Tell me about the event you have after the Swap to benefit Project Hope!

 TC:  This is my favorite part! I save everything that is left over after a year's worth of Style Swaps (which are typically spring and fall swaps) and then set up a charity pop up shop at Project Hope. I host a Professional Dress workshop for the charity's Speakers Bureau (comprised of women who share their success stories from Project Hope) a couple weeks before the pop up shop. Then at the pop up, which is open to the Speaker's Bureau, anyone enrolled in a service from the charity and those living in their shelter, I style the women and help them "shop". So even items that a swapper brings to the event aren't taken they still go to an awesome new owner!

AGOG:  What's your favorite item garnered from one of your Swaps?

TC: These laser cut Calvin Klein booties that I cant even tell you how often I wear! I rarely have time to "swap" myself but I had eyed those beauties at one of the Swaps and knew I had to have them! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

♥ meeting baby sam!

last week, my sister lissy gave birth to her third child- 
a sweet and tiny boy named sam francis :)

i have met and held many babies in my life,
but i am always continuously surprised and delightfully shocked
that all human beings start out that small, that delicate,
fragile and perfect. my family is so blessed
and grateful for this welcome addition. 

welcome to earth, sam!