Monday, April 8, 2019


hello friends- and happy 2019!! 

i am crawling out from underneath a slumbering toddler
to tell you, yes, i still consider myself a fashion blogger-
even though, technically, google starts populating for "Amazon"
before "Aglimpseofglamour," when i start to type my blog name 
in these days! sad, but true.

like i mentioned in my blog post from july-- 
time has a way of passing both quickly and slowly
 when you have children. 

 a two-hour birthday party at an indoor playground can
 C R A W L by and make you feel like time has stopped altogether 
because the party runs from 12-2pm and it has been 1:55 pm 
for 5 hours already!???!!! 

or you can *blink* and you're 4 months into a new year 
with nary a blog post in sight!

luckily, ADEXE Watch London recently gave me the gift of time:
which is not only a beautiful, finely crafted timepiece--
but also the perfect excuse to grab lunch with my
blog bff, lei ann, and snap some 
early spring photos!

my outfit is made up of a vintage black and white polka dot off the shoulder dress,
which i have paired with a collection of red accessories- one of my favorite
heart crossbody bag, and red shoes from a new day.

lastly, my watch works simply and seamlessly with the look
to accent my dress
and keep me right on time.