Monday, January 16, 2017

♥ new year, new dress.

happy 2017, darlings!!

i have been in total hibernation mode since last month, and have not found any suitable
 daylight in which to take pictures, or anything of note to write about, and so i have
not bothered to post at all. 

luckily, blogs are marvelous things that float around on the internet somewhere 
and wait for your blessed return, to pick right up where you left off, 
whenever you want.

last year, one of the resolutions i actually stuck with, was to be more
committed to my blog. after giving birth to henry, my free time has minimized,
but my blog wife, lei ann, and i did a pretty good job attending events and photographing
 of our always oddly-matching-yet-never-planned-outfits!

this year, i am aiming to continue with our efforts, 
but mostly, i would like to be more kind. the dalai lama once said,
"i'd rather be kind than right. you can always be kind.

my bratty personality would always rather be right- so i am hoping this year
to curtail that fiery need to have the last word and remember to choose kindness first.


today, lei ann and i mustered up a little resolve, scouted out a tiny patch of sunlight,
and i dialed into a little bit of denial (winter's over--right??), to get a photo of me
in my latest, favorite party look. (technically, i was at work, but you get me.)

 cat ears by aldo