Friday, March 25, 2016

♥ happy friyay!!

please enjoy the fabulous new music video from santigold's first release,
"can't get enough of myself," off her amazing new album, 99 cents!
i can't stop listening to it!

there's also an interactive version out here!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

♥ tasting the spring menu at seasons 52!

on monday evening, after the snow had already come and gone, i hopped over to 
seasons 52 in chestnut hill to usher in the new spring menu with some fabulous 
local food bloggers.

each course (mine were vegetarian!) brought about a different array of seasonal flavors,
and were paired smartly with a variety of wines that brought out their essence. 
this flatbread pizza was as delicious as it looked and was chock full of artichokes,
 roasted red peppers, and feta cheese.

the spinach salad included strawberries, pea tendrils, pine nuts, gorgonzola and 15-year old
 balsamic dressing! i could have kept eating this salad for the rest of the night.

..instead, i ate my helping (as well as gluten free-gal, chelsea's) of this meyer lemon ricotta ravioli. what an unexpected flavor,
and so easy to eat six of them without blinking.

the modified vegetarian options included a delicious risotto with butternut squash,
paired with broccolini and the vegetarian tasting- which was, as seasoned foodie and
fellow vegetarian, molly described, "a smattering of vegetarian options."

in case you're wondering, that is a piece of wood beneath the two pieces of tofu on the right.
i thought it was an oversized cracker and tried to eat it! haaaaaa

lastly, seasons 52 sent us off with the big finale- coffee and mini indulgences-
i tried the belgian chocolate s'more, which is just as indulgent as it sounds :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

♥ black on black on black.

i have an all-black dress code at bloomingdale's.
 yes, alllll black everything.

.... and while it may sound like the ultimate death sentence for a stylist- 
i have chosen to look on the 'bright' side of things and accepted the
challenge of making this very dark dress code into something as
colorful as possible.

by mixing up interesting textures and unexpected wovens, adorning my hair with 
something fun (always!), applying a different lipstick color each day, and layering 
in a bold statement bobble, i have honestly never felt more in color--even in all black.

opera coat: 
tshirt/headband/booties: forever 21
tulle skirt: target
necklace: lord and taylor

Friday, March 18, 2016

♥ spring resolution: actually wear sunglasses!!

every year is the same: 

my collection of sunglasses grows and grows, the sunny days come,
and my sunnies lay dormant in their case at the bottom of my handbag.
collecting dust, forgotten.

but no more!

in an effort to actually get some mileage out of my countless pairs of sunglasses,
(see here and here!) i am resolving to really wear them when weather permits- 
and i am writing a blog post to help me stick to it and keep me honest :)

i think that my problem is mostly that i need my glasses to see when i drive,
which is why i never make the switch in those crucial sun-drenched moments.

so for those of you, like me, cannot remember that you have a beautiful pair of frames
just waiting to grace your face in the sunshine, here are some equally beautiful glasses
to help you see what's right in front of you:

sunnies & glasses available at visionworks.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

sephora ♥ boston

last thursday, i kissed my boys goodbye and ventured into the city to see the newly 
remodeled sephora at the shops at prudential center. i had heard that the new store was like
"the website come to life,"  and i must say, i agree! 

 apparently, there are only TWO sephora stores like this in the country at the moment!
(the other one is in san francisco, where their headquarters are located!)

^^ here i am drinking red wine from a can, which is especially dangerous when you're distracted
by aisles of pretty makeup! i put it down before the asian glow came into full effect- but
things could have gotten pretty ugly, pretty quickly!

^^what sets this new sephora apart from other stores are a few things.
1) special areas such as the "skin care studio" and the "styling bar" cater to
 customers' specific needs.

do you want your face peeled? step over to the skincare studio.
 do you need a makeover? make a reservation at the styling bar.

^^ 2) there are weekly classes (that are FREE!) and focus on a different topic each week,
and are taught in person at specified times- or with step by step digital guides, if you
drop in at a random time :)

^^ 3) there are more makeup brands to buy! christian louboutin nailpolishes?
i thought they were the stuff of makeup urban legend- and here they are, in all their glory.

^^ 4) and there's more of the sephora brand makeup as well! just look at this vast array of colors. 
i nearly plummeted face first into this beauty counter, never to return!

thank you to boston magazine for showing lei ann and i the best time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

♥ a new brand to (pineapples and) LOVE!

with only a hop! skip! and jump! away from spring,
i thought i'd introduce you to your new favorite footwear for the season.
these espadrilles from  LA-dessigned/spanish-made brand, pineapples and love
are totally adorable and would look as cute with a pair of cut off denim shorts as 
they would with a flirty summer dress. i want a pair in every color!

find them in miami at the breakers hotel and coming soon to!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

♥ lunch break at tiffany's.

hello and happy thursday! 

earlier this week lei ann and i made a short but sweet visit to tiffany & co.
to check out what's new for spring and here are a few favorites:

picture info:
Tiffany Bow Ring – 18k white gold with round brilliant diamonds - $3,800

 first up, the tiffany bow ring, which i am pretty much OBSESSED with. the story behind the 
ring is that the bow is meant to remind the wearer of a moment in time, like back in the day
when one would tie a ribbon around their finger so as not to forget.

picture info: 

Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack Ring – 18k rose gold with pave pink sapphires - $4,500
Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack Ring – 18k gold with pave diamonds - $5,600
Paloma Picasso Sugar Stack Ring – 18k white gold with pave diamonds - $5,600
 next, are the paloma picasso sugar stack rings, which were even more delicious in
 person, if you can believe it! the pink sapphire beauty had my name written all over it!

....but stacked together, they became even more powerful :) LOVE!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

♥ what was lost is found.

while netflix is great for binge-watching shows like  fuller house (for me- don't judge!) and 
thomas the train (for henry!) there are also great documentaries available,
 such as finding vivian maier (2013). 

for those who didn't catch my original post about this mysterious lady,
vivian maier was a nanny to many families- a solitary woman who kept to herself,
collected stacks of newspapers and letters and took hundreds and hundreds and
thousands of photographs that she never printed or made public or shared
with any other living soul. 

she died, and her prolific life's work was discovered years later by chicago collector,
 john maloof, who bid on her storage bins full of negatives and found that there
was a remarkable amount of beauty that should be shared with the world.
he then went on to find more of her work, to put it online, to seek out spaces to
exhibit the work, and in this documentary, he learns more and more
about this brilliant talent, who went unnoticed through life but
saw so much.

for miss maier's photographs capture a moment of beauty in the ugliness of the world, 
in the strange and the sad as well as the glamour in the everyday. they speak of the times that
she lived in and the personalities of the people with whom she came into contact, and though it is questionable in the documentary whether or not vivian maier would have wanted her private works
to be shared in such a public way, it is undeniable that the breadth of her talent should and must be appreciated for all of time and for that, i think, she would be grateful.

Monday, March 7, 2016

♥ the opening of #techstyle at the Boston MFA.

on saturday night, i was given the incredible opportunity to attend the opening 
of the boston MFA's latest fashion exhibit,  #techstyle. i invited a gaggle of
my favorite local bloggers and we had a smashing time mixing and mingling
with the beautiful people of the museum's fashion council.

the theme of the evening was, as you may have guessed- "tech-style,"
but when i peered into my closet, i found that the only thing i had that constituted
 such a new and futuristic trend was my digital watch!
  does something purchased online count as "tech-style? 

anyway, seeing as i was drawing a blank with the whole dress code,
i opted for the glamour route- because how many chances do you have
in life to break out the big hot pink dress?? not enough, damnit!

outfit details: 
dress: vintage fiandaca couture
shoes: melissa for vivienne westwood (my wedding shoes!)
necklaces: betsey johnson
photos by lei ann :)

 lei ann and feda also made bold sartorial choices for the evening!
and if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen this picture buzzing
around between each of us. it was truly a fantastic way to reconnect with
like-minded ladies! fashion is freedom!

don't you love cassie's jacket? the sleeves in and of themselves were a marvel to behold ;)

now onto the exhibit, which i am so so sad to say, i only saw half of- :( :( :(
i was so busy chatting away that they closed down the other side before i made a full loop!

aptly named "techstyle," the exhibit "draws upon the MFA's collection of contemporary fashion"
and is a true fusion of fashion and technology. from 3-D printed dresses, to those that you
can program with the touch of your phone or the sound of your voice- these pieces are
a glimpse of fashion's future, and its a beautiful one. 

the exhibit opened with a digitally printed dress from alexander mcqueen's 
plato atlantis collection-with footage from the fashion show playing along side it. 
it was quite possibly one of the most breathtaking dresses to behold- true timeless art.

lei ann and i drooled over this digitally printed dress by mary katrantzou.
it's mesmerizing in the best way!

here are a few details from giles deacon metallic leather fringe dress made from laser cut
 leather and encrusted with swarovski crystals. loveeeee.
neri oxman & iris van herepen's 3-d printed anthozoa cape and skirt are unlike anything
 i have ever seen in real life. it looks like it belongs underwater!

this bodice by manish arora was my favorite! it's made of laser-cut leather,
sequins and beads. i would pair it with a tool skirt and never take it off!

loving the texture of this kinematic petals dress by the nervous system.
i love how it is 3-d printed to move with a perfectly contour to any body!

i wanted to have a psychedelic cinderella moment in these francis bitonti 3-d printed shoes.
i wonder if you can really walk in them?

this bodysuit by noa raviv looked like something that beyonce or miley might wear on tour.

these rem de koolhass, united nude shoes reminded lei ann and i of our friend, holly,
who always walks around in impossible shoes and makes it look easy.

...needless to say, i will be back to see the other half!!
#techstyle is running march 6 -july 10, 2016! 
go see it!!