Tuesday, June 28, 2016

♥ todd oldham all of everything exhibit at risd.

last week my visual manager took our team on a field trip to the RISD museum 
to see todd oldham's exhibit, all of everything.  for the first time ever, this quirky
and colorful collection of clothes from oldham's ten year stint as a fashion designer
in the 90's is on display for all to come and admire and draw inspiration from.

the large room is white and simple, with lime green uplighting at the base of the platforms
to be reminiscent of walking through a garden. the mannequins are arranged in thoughtful
color stories that defy chronological order, and instead seem to highlight and accentuate
as you move from one visually arresting look to the next.

one of my biggest take aways from the exhibit was definitely that fashion can be made 
from anything and everything-- from garbage collected in the city streets, to pantone color 
swatches torn out of a book, to vintage prints embellished over and given new life and color 
by the hand of a skilled artisan- oldham's show proves that no beginning is too humble 
to create something of real and lasting beauty. (not to mention 90's realness!!)

the exhibit is here until september 11th, 2016-
you do not want to miss it ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

♥ gucci is love.

i am head over block heels in love with all things gucci these days-
and this gia coppola-directed mini film, the myth of orpheus and eurydice,
is no exception. featuring quirky looks from the pre-fall 2016 collection,
and starring lou doillon,  the costumes, the imagery, the music, the jewelry,
the cool looking people, the modern take on a greek myth, the clothing, 
gah! the clothing!!!-it all paints a very embroidered picture of the new
 look of gucci.... and what a good look it is!

♥ meet CORA. fearless.period.

we live in an age where the curtains are being lifted-and the ingredients that go into
everything from the food we are consuming, to the makeup we are wearing and
the tampons we are using are being exposed and made plain for all to see.

for the most part, this knowledge grants consumers the power of choice. but what if
 there is no choice? what frustrates me to no end with regard to organic products, from clothing
 to food, is that the fact that they are undoubtedly better for you, but also more expensive.
 and while many young women out there would consider themselves lucky to have 
any period protection at all, only the privileged few have access to the sort
that are chemical free and organic.


here is a bit of cora creator, molly's, inspiring story:

" while travelling throughout developing countries, i saw how menstruation negatively
affects girls and women who are poor. unable to afford menstrual products, they
resort to using old rags, newspaper, animal dung, and tree bark- even pieces of
old mattress- all of which can cause infections and reproductive health problems,
not to mention humiliating leaks. 

later, when i learned that many feminine products sold in the US contain substances
that are potentially harmful to our health, like synthetics and pesticides linked to
endocrine disruption, cancer, and other devastating illnesses, i became afraid of
my own health and the well-being of my sisters, friend and the women i love.

i knew there had to be a better future of all women, in every part of the world.
and that's what we're creating through cora."

*i was provided cora samples for review, but all opinions expressed are my own*

cora has been created to modernize women's periods. offering tampons that are 100% organic 
cotton that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic with bpa-free plastic applicators, 
vegan leather goods with which to transport them and easy, fast deliveries-
these tampons are EVERYTHING... and the cherry on top is for every box sold,
 a box is donated to young girls in need. 


Every woman and girl on the planet had a safe and effective way to manage her period?

WHAT IF you could do something about it?

for $5 off your first order, use the code: CORA5SAMANTHA 
*good from now until july 15*

Monday, June 20, 2016

♥ "mommy's crazy" and other observations.

 i am not sure if it was my hair today or what- but i was in a very witchy mood this
morning, sweeping our porch like a little old italian woman, when henry came into the 
bedroom, and announced to his daddy, "mommy's crazy."

where this thought even came from, i have no idea. i didn't know he knew the word, "crazy"
or even how to use it properly in a sentence, but here he is, two years, two months old
and making spot-on proclamations about his wild mother :)

i found this adorable frock while thrifting at the goodwill on saturday, 
loving the ditsy little pink flowers, the modest puff sleeves and squared off neckline. 

it was the perfect dress to wear for father's day, as we strolled through the woods with 
my father in law, exploring his new neighborhood, and soaking up the lushness of
a beautiful summer afternoon.

"summer afternoon-summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful
 words in the english language." ~ henry james

how was your weekend?

Friday, June 17, 2016

♥ blooming under a cold moon, we are like fireworks... rising, shining, and finally scattering and fading. so until that moment comes when we vanish like fireworks... let us sparkle brightly, always. ~tite kubo

last weekend, i went to my sister's house to see the flag day fireworks show that she has been
raving about ever since she moved in. taking place a few houses down at the end of her street,
over a wide, open marsh, the show was nothing short of spectacular. 

as soon as he heard them going off, henry requested, "car, mommy, now," but nick and i
made him stick with it, distracting him with questions about what colors he saw,
talking about toy story characters, and we actually made it through the entire
display without any tears or toddler hysterics. 

looking back on the pictures, which look as if they could have been taken
among the stars in a galaxy far, far away, i cannot help but feel gratefulness
for being able to stand here on this earth, my loved ones beside me,
feasting my eyes on all of this magnificent, momentary beauty.
life is magic.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

♥ the good party!

last thursday, i attended the goodwill's annual "good party," an annual celebration of all the
hard work that the goodwill throughout the year. in the past, i have had the privilege
of visiting the headquarters in boston- but this was my first time sharing in
such an important event. the excitement in the air was palpable and
you could not help but feel good as you took your seat amidst
the vibrant and whimsical decorations and happy people.

so what is the goodwill's mission??-you ask?

"the goodwill seeks to provide exemplary job training and related services
to help individuals with disabilities and barriers to self-sufficiency to
achieve dignity and independence through work."

i was lucky to be seated with these two fashionistas: lei ann and u-meleni
we all wore different pieces that we had thrifted at the goodwill-my 80's-style dress was 
something i scored ages ago, an LBD that never seems to go out of style! 

i love that all of our outfits seem to coordinate even though we didn't plan it!

coat: sara campbell from the closet
earrings: tarina tarantino
necklace: macy's
belt: express

pictures by lei ann :)

Friday, June 10, 2016

♥ three of thirty-three.

my college friend, adam, is a talented and prolific poet- 
who often shares his work on facebook for hungry art-lovers like
me to devour in one sitting. adam recently compiled thirty-three great poems
 into one place! (hooray!! ) here are three of my favorites:

When I was in
the second grade
some little blonde girl
in a blue dress
waked up to me
on the playground
and said
and I couldn't deny it
in my tie dyed socks
and dinosaur pants
and constant bad jokes
and I was okay with that
most of the time
but something still felt off
like I wanted to say
Look, I appreciate your
observation, but
you're a cookie cutter white girl
in a blue dress
and you
read books about horses
and I won't rail on you
for that
if you don't rail on me for
my neon Converse and
the fact
that I eat my hot dogs on a slice of bread.
But I didn't have the words.
Well, now I do.
And that same little boy
is writing
these weird poems and
cherishes the weird moments
when they go well
when people clap for them
when publishers print them
when they strike like lightning
when they devour like sharks
when they flow like warm rivers
of mustard on a hot dog
on a slice of bread
and nobody is looking at my socks.

My grandmother told me
that chemo made everything
taste like copper. I imagined
pennies erupting from her mouth
and wondered how many
would fit inside my own, but
never had the guts to try it.
When initially diagnosed,
my grandmother confessed
she didn’t really want to live
anymore anyway, and asked the
doctors if she could surrender.
Joyce, they said, this is a
highly treatable form of cancer.
You should consider yourself lucky.
Yeah, she said, I’m really lucky.
After the months
of automatic hospital doors,
phone calls from church ladies,
Jello cups, ice cream cups, the tearing
open of get-well cards, heart monitors,
you leave me the hell alones,
soap opera arguments, and
nurses telling jokes to light the room
my grandmother got her way
and that same optimistic doctor told us
it was over.
Hands pressed firmly on a window sill,
I watched as she flew up to heaven
in a solo plane trailed by a golden banner
that said
Never, ever tell me what to do...

During my
first year of college
my head
all over
my childhood bedroom.
There were fragments
of skull
in between the pages
of my
old poetry books.
Blood stained
my pastel sheets.
My eyes,
now in different corners,
suddenly saw everything
a little bit

Thursday, June 9, 2016

♥ meet garance dore in provincetown (this saturday!!!) at twenty summers.

if i didn't already have plans (grrr!!!!), you can bet your bottom dollar i would be on the
 next ferry to provincetown to see THE GARANCE DORE speak at the very last event of the 
2016 series (and third season!) of twenty summers, a non-profit arts organization set in a 
beautiful barn in p-town, this saturday, june 11th from 7:30-9pm.

please, someone who lives in massachusetts, go and see this magnificent and talented
lady speak and tell me her all the secrets behind her magic and all her thoughts on
the future of fashion!

image via garancedore.fr
interested? here are the details: 

Writer, illustrator, and photographer Garance Doré joins us to discuss the current state of fashion, style, and her career. Doré’s eponymous blog reaches millions of readers, and the New York Times Magazine has called her the “guardian of all style.” She has won the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Eugenia Sheppard Media Award and is the author of the 2015 bestseller Love Style LifeShe will be interviewed by Twenty Summers cofounder Ricky Opaterny.

Twenty Summers - 29 Miller Hill Rd, Provincetown, MA 02657 - View Map
 purchase tickets here and be sure to use the code: glimpseofglamour for 15% off!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

i know i am probably late to the game on this one-
but i love the newest release from adele's album and am even
more in love the the unique way that the video was shot,
and the gorgeous floral dress she styled herself for the video!
what do you think?

♥ an unexpected accessory.

snap basket in coral/blue c/o clevermade
as you may have noticed on my insta, my new favorite accessory is not a lipstick, 
handbag, headpiece or shoe- but rather a nifty little snap basket from the brilliant 
designers at clevermade. 

with the intention of "improving everyday life through innovation," clevermade
 has come up with an environmentally friendly, affordable (it's under $15!),
and colorful way to make a trip to the grocery store a little more exciting.

not only does it fit well more fruits and veggies than it should, the sides snap into
place in much the same way that an old school snap bracelet folds into place
around your wrist- allowing for perfect visibility and accessibility.

i have been finding myself using it to carry my handbag, lunchbag 
and baby bag down to the car comfortably without overloading my 
overworked toddler-carrying shoulders. 

..now i just need a clevercrate and i will truly have it all! ha!