Tuesday, June 28, 2016

♥ todd oldham all of everything exhibit at risd.

last week my visual manager took our team on a field trip to the RISD museum 
to see todd oldham's exhibit, all of everything.  for the first time ever, this quirky
and colorful collection of clothes from oldham's ten year stint as a fashion designer
in the 90's is on display for all to come and admire and draw inspiration from.

the large room is white and simple, with lime green uplighting at the base of the platforms
to be reminiscent of walking through a garden. the mannequins are arranged in thoughtful
color stories that defy chronological order, and instead seem to highlight and accentuate
as you move from one visually arresting look to the next.

one of my biggest take aways from the exhibit was definitely that fashion can be made 
from anything and everything-- from garbage collected in the city streets, to pantone color 
swatches torn out of a book, to vintage prints embellished over and given new life and color 
by the hand of a skilled artisan- oldham's show proves that no beginning is too humble 
to create something of real and lasting beauty. (not to mention 90's realness!!)

the exhibit is here until september 11th, 2016-
you do not want to miss it ;)

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  1. I just went last weekend! It's so fun to see what you loved / noticed.


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