Friday, May 31, 2013

♥ i could never love anyone as i love my sisters.

having sisters has its merits- there is always a closet to borrow from,
always ready advice on any subject under the sun--from someone as close to
another version of yourself as you can get- but there are also opinions you didn't 
ask for- and in my family there is no shortage of opinons about my hair
and styling choices :)

example #1. last year's super short haircut
when i came home after chopping all of my hair off, my little sister took 
one look at my head and said," sami, there are no words." 
she recently confessed that she is glad my hair is getting longer,
 because i can curl it now and when i wear it straight, 
she thinks i resemble chucky from child's play.

example # 2. the subject of fanny packs.
my sisters don't get it. they think it's touristy.
they laughed at mine, and they don't 
understand how it's fashion-y.

well, after seeing this post from blogger
beth jones, i know i am not alone.
fanny packs are fabulous-
even if your sisters
don't agree.

above, please enjoy some precious fanny pack options
from hipsters for sisters, the brand b. jones
is rocking on her blog :) 
i want one!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

♥ i left my heart in SF. (part 2)

sunday was our only free day in san francisco,
so we left our hotel and took a stroll around the embarcadero
and stopped at the one place i was most excited to visit:

of course, as soon as i got there, i could not think of a single book
that i needed, and made a huge deal out of making the perfect purchase.
i ended settling on this book- have you read it?

after that, we met up with nick's cousin & wife and they took us
to the mission area of san francisco- specifically valencia street,
where all of the hippest shops & eateries are, and some
of the most colorful graffiti i have ever seen.

did you notice nick and i in this picture?
 i feel a little bit like where's waldo in this shot!

as you can see, it was a very lovely visit. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

♥ i left my heart in SF. (part 1)

this past weekend, nick and i traveled all the way
 to beautiful san francisco to celebrate the wedding 
of a couple of dear friends. 

nick was participating in the wedding 
(he did a reading, played the tambourine & made a toast!)
so i tagged along with him and had a chance to help out 
behind the scenes & snap some shots of the gorgeous venue!

the cakes and pies looked delicious and festive, 
and the couple included packages of bird seed to be
thrown as they made their way out of the
lovely garden setting.

"love is the ultimate outlaw. it just won't adhere to any rules.
the most any of us can do is to sign on as its accomplice.
instead of vowing to honor and obey, maybe we should swear to 
aid and abet. that would mean that security is out of the question. 
the words "make" and "stay" become inappropriate.
my love for you has no strings attached.
i love you for free. "
♥ tom robbins

as you can see, it was a pretty glamorous affair :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

♥ eye don't care. eye love it.

on june 15th, lancome will release a limited edition makeup collection in collaboration
with lanvin's very own alber elbaz. according to the designer, "i spend my time backstage
at the lanvin shows, and when i come out at the end, all i see are people's eyes."
and what better way to celebrate the beauty of the eye than with an assemblage 
of marvelously decorated mascaras, charming eye shadow palettes and 
even a pair of fabulous falsies ;)? eye love it!

Monday, May 27, 2013

♥ jazz age glamour.

 today, i had the privilege of speaking with the group director of tiffany's in boston
in regard to their latest great gatsby-inspired, jazz-age glamour collection.

in collaboration with catherine martin (the production designer for all lurhman's films),
tiffany's lent their archival drawings from the twenties and came up with a glittering
collection of jewels that look like they came right out of that time period.

the film chose to work with tiffany's because not only are they a staple of classic
american refinery, but also because they had dealings with f. scott fitzgerald himself.

after seeing the film last weekend, i can tell you that the jewelry and the
costumes alone deserve an oscar. not to mention the set design, the film making,
the soundtrack and of course, the acting. the sparkling jewelry is so unique and
so distinctly twenties that you can hardly take your eyes off it.

here are some of my favorite pieces:

this diamond flower ring is beyond amazing.

gatsby's daisy signet ring was a big statement piece in the film.
a number of brooches, like this daisy pin, were worn in hats in the film.

buy me this headpiece and i will love you always.

this  daisy hand piece is unlike anything i have ever seen.

and i think need this zigfield pearl ring. for my 30th, maybe?
in addition to their gatsby line, tiffany's also created their own
zigfield collection, with the same art deco charm at fabulous pricepoints.