Sunday, October 31, 2010

♥ thrilling.

when i was a little ghoul, my family and i would go to my grandmother's
house to trick or treat in the neighborhood where my mom grew up.
believe it or not, my favorite part of the spooktacular holiday was not
dressing up, or the bag full of candy we came home with, but sitting on
my grammy's queen-sized bed, side by side with my sisters, brother
and cousins, watching gram's taped version of michael jackson's "thriller."

happy halloween!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

♥ the body is a blank canvas.

for someone who has no interest in getting one
i sure write alot about tattoos.(read here, here, here & here.)

i am completely enamored of the tattoo artistry of artist
amanda wachob, whose unique, painterly ink work is
"pushing the boundaries of the tattoo medium in
order to blur the line between fine art & body art."
a girl after my own heart!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

♥ future perfect.

i just found out my intern at work also got her engagement ring
from the lovely karina mattei, and i remarked to her,
"isn't it sad how after such a wonderful experience there aren't
more occasions to keep going in there and visiting?"

(to which someone overhearing our conversation, interjected:
"honey, believe me, there will be.)

the one thing about weddings that stinks is that it's really just one day,
which is a pity because i feel like i am going to want to wear my dress more
often than that! (knowing me, i probably will!)

here are some gowns from the latest
bridal fall 2011 collections which i would not
mind wearing more than once:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

♥ modern glamour.

isn't this south end bedroom too dreamy?
and the amazing thing is, i know the girl who designed it!
kristine mullaney is a fabulous designer with a penchant
for all things glam. just look at that chandelier and that
mirrored furniture- LOVE!!
(check out her blog & website)

♥ creature comforts.

while visiting the richard avedon exhibit at the mfa last month,
i was lucky enough to see some of these timeless-yet-terrifying works
from his brilliant photo-story, "in memory of the late mr. and mrs. comfort,"
which first appeared in the november 1995 issue of the new yorker.
(don't they look like they could have been taken just yesterday?)

featuring model nadja auermann, her skeletal love interest and ensemble
after designer ensemble from the likes of dolce & gabbana, commes de garcons,
christian lacoix, alexander mcqueen, chanel, manolo, versace, armani, etc.
this historic 27-page photo series brings to life the juxtaposition between
beautiful life and ugly death, luxury and destruction,material wealth
and the meaninglessness of it all once death is part of the equation.

looking at these photos definitely puts me in the mood to be spooked!
what are your plans for this halloween weekend?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

♥ men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.

(spotted on dustjacket attic)

everywhere i look lately, it appears designers are making heinously ugly style
choices completely on purpose. orthopedic saddle shoes, grandpa sweaters,
socks with sandals, and now the ultimate nerd accessory:
glasses just like the ones aunt mabel wore on every model.

back in the day, alot of old films would equate women who wore glasses
as creatures who were smart but frumpy, who had brains but no sex appeal.
leading men would encourage women to take their glasses off and let their hair down,
making them automatically more desirable mates, but also taking away their
agency and their ability to see things clearly.
(see the film now, voyager(1942) with bette davis)

i think it's time women reclaim their vision, to see things clearly and prove that
"geek" can also be "chic" and that glasses actually accentuate rather than
hide a pretty face.

warby parker is a fabulous online boutique offering oversized granny style
glasses for under $100, and get this- for every pair that you buy,
they give
a pair to someone in need! (read more!)
ps. they also offer a monocle! how cool is that??

here are some of my favorite specs:

are you lucky enough to not need glasses, but would like to play the part?
then check out these fabulous fakes and look more intelligent in minutes!