Monday, October 18, 2010

♥ change of a dress.

tonight after work, i am having three of my six future bridesmaids come
over to see my wedding dress: my cousin, jaimee, and my bestfriends,
carolyn & marykate. i am so excited for them to see it and to be
a part of the whole wedding process with me :)

if i have not mentioned this before, i must tell you that we
do not have any sort of traditions of big weddings in my family.
my sister and i are really the first of our generation to be walking
down the aisle, so both of us are definitely making it up as we go along.

one idea that i love is taking something old and making it new again,
ala kelly mckee-zajfen, who had a seamstress re-work her mother's wedding gown.
unfortunately, my mom was wearing a black & white polka dot maternity dress
on her wedding day, so instead i am wearing someone else's. (it's vintage!)
i can't wait to show you!!!

kelly's mother passed away before her wedding and before she was even engaged.
when she found the letter (below) that her mother left for her to find after she
was gone, she made the decision to have a seamstress turn her mother's
old gown into new mini wedding dress memories.

“I wish love for you. You deserve it. I pray you live each day safe and secure. I wish you have children of your own. You will be a wonderful mother and wife. Im sure your children will give you as much joy as you have given me. I hope our relationship remains undeniable and immeasurable, the strongest bond on earth. I hope you don’t have to many heartaches. You love to give love and I hope you find it and keep it safe. I hope always you will look over your shoulder and be aware about whats around you. I hope if you have a little girl, she looks just like you. But I see you having a boy. I wish someone to take good care of you. There are always a hundred things you wish for your children. I also hope you spend your golden days with the one and be secure with getting old.”
~Barbara Jean Bruce

read more about kelly's wedding on her blog, to be devoted.

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  1. LOVE the pictures. so great! :)


  2. Sami-this post is so sad yet happy all at the same time. I am sitting here reading her mom's note and getting all teary eyed. I love what she did with her mom's dress and it just has so much meaning. congrats to you too. I bet your dress is amazing b/c you always have great style.

  3. such lovely pictures <3


  4. I loved this dress/story and posted about it, too =) I literally tear up every time I read about it!

    I can't WAIT to see your dress! I'm sure it is beyond gorge.

  5. Thank you guys for your kind words and thank you for your post!
    Im looking forward to seeing your vintage dress!!

    Kelly Mckee Zajfen


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