Monday, October 11, 2010

♥ wouldn't it be lovely?

my little sister, jennie, is a huge fan of the tv show, say yes to the dress
so when i got engaged the first thing she told me was: "we have to go
to kleinfeld's!" well, unfortunately for her i decided to go the non–
traditional route, and found myself a gorgeous gown online.
on etsy, to be exact. and it's vintage–no less. and fits like a dream.
{i will tell you all about it soon, i promise!!!}

no running of the brides for me, or my sister, lissy, who fell in love with
and bought the first dress she found online and tried on at david's bridal.
i think perhaps if we had not fallen crazy in love with our dresses so quickly,
we probably would have taken jennie's advice and taken a trip to
the big apple to look at dresses for our big day(s).

but instead of kleinfeld's, i think the first store i would absolutely
have to make an appointment would be lovely in the west village.
and that is based solely on the store name and interior design aesethetic alone.

the chalkboard signs, robin's egg walls, book paper heart art installation,
vintage lace tags, can you think of anything more lovely?
i can't!

12 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Thanks for the sweet comment! That is so amazing that you found a dress you love so quickly, and not only that but it's vintage & fits perfectly! Good find, lady! Cannot wait to see it! Also a big of fan of say yes to the dress!

  2. Way to keep us in suspense! I can't wait to see this dress of yours!

  3. we may both have selected our dresses (i just haven't picked out the guy yet) but since this is in my 'hood can you please, please, please come visit so we can fall in love with all the other lovely items???

  4. That boutique looks so charming! I've never heard of it, but would love to check it out.
    I got my dress at Kleinfeld's and they really make it an experience for you.
    Lovely pics!

  5. Can't wait to see it. That's awesome that you found a dress like that and so rare! I know it's a beauty.

    Quench Fab

  6. oh wow...this makes me want to go try on wedding dresses :)

  7. i know, sarah. yet another reason to get on the fung wah and visit you! book stores and bride stores! what could be better?


  8. Love this post! Beautiful pictures!

  9. How gorgeous! I love that their store sign is simple cursive on a cute little chalkboard. Can't wait to see your dress!

  10. I am in love with this store and check their blog all the time!

    ps I can't WAIT to see your dress; I'm sure it's gorge!

  11. Congrats on finding a dress so quickly! I cant wait to see/hear all about it! Lovely looks, well, lovely!


  12. Congrats on finding a dress so quickly! I cant wait to see/hear all about it! Lovely looks, well, lovely!



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