Wednesday, October 27, 2010

♥ creature comforts.

while visiting the richard avedon exhibit at the mfa last month,
i was lucky enough to see some of these timeless-yet-terrifying works
from his brilliant photo-story, "in memory of the late mr. and mrs. comfort,"
which first appeared in the november 1995 issue of the new yorker.
(don't they look like they could have been taken just yesterday?)

featuring model nadja auermann, her skeletal love interest and ensemble
after designer ensemble from the likes of dolce & gabbana, commes de garcons,
christian lacoix, alexander mcqueen, chanel, manolo, versace, armani, etc.
this historic 27-page photo series brings to life the juxtaposition between
beautiful life and ugly death, luxury and destruction,material wealth
and the meaninglessness of it all once death is part of the equation.

looking at these photos definitely puts me in the mood to be spooked!
what are your plans for this halloween weekend?

5 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Great editorial! Thanks for sharing :)
    Boho Market Blog

  2. these are so creepy and cool!

  3. you should see the one where she and the skeleton are making whoopy! super creepy!


  4. I LOVE these photos! I don't normally get so excited about editorials, but these are amazing. And they totally seem like they were just shot yesterday!

  5. These are amazing! Such a perfect editorial for this time of year. I'm finally going to see the exhibit on Thursday. Can't wait!


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