Monday, October 25, 2010

♥ cool, calm & collected.

brooke brown's personal style blog, keep collected, is one of the
most creative sites that i have come across online. yes, there are
many fashion bloggers out there showcasing what they wearing day in
and day out, but i have yet to see anyone who composes their looks in such
an editorial-inspired way! love it!!

not only do her photos look like they could have been plucked from
the latest fashion magazines, but they are also just as affordable as
they are adorable! i had a chance to speak with brooke about her blog,
and she told me that she started it in conjunction with her work at
salt lake city's deseret news, where she writes for the features/ lifestyle
section and has a daily feature each monday.

she takes her photos using a nikon d40, a tripod and a timer, and
says that getting a good shot is alot of trial and error! she sets up a plain
white sheet in a corner of her apartment and photoshops everything
to look more presentable. here is a behind the scenes picture:
now that's a way to keep these cool, calm & collected!

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  2. Sami-I will check out her blog and yes the best way to take pictures of outfits is definitely with that white backdrop. It really helps showcase and emphasize her outfit. And she has great style. Hope you had a great weekend,

  3. what a novel idea! i like the behind the scenes photo too (:

  4. how creative! and what cute / afordable style she has!!

  5. What an awesome concept. I love this! I can't wait to head over and do some more poking around. You always have the best, most unique web finds!

  6. Truly Amazing, and what Brilliant Way to showcase her outfit, LOVE it!!!


  7. love her looks. I like that they are effortless, wearable and chic all together.

  8. Wow, thanks for sharing...I love her style! Definitely checking out her blog now!

  9. How cute! I definitely need to check her blog out.

  10. Wow, awesome! Love her first outfit!!


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