Monday, October 4, 2010

♥ baby, just say yes.

there are some blogs i can't bare to look at for too long,
for fear of being overwhelmed by a level of clothing envy that
is unbecoming to a lady blogger like myself. one such blog belongs to
alix of the cherry blossom girl. within a few clicks of her site, i am sent
into a spiral of "why can't i have those?" woes that i can barely recover from.

her shoes, her bags, her clothes, her bangs and photography are all too fabulous
for words, which is why it is perfect that she is french. (i am pretty certain the
french have better words for describing just how fabulous she is.)

so, when i learned that she was recently married, i could not resist sharing the
photos with you to feast your glamour–hungry eyes. and if you have the stamina,
take a look through the rest of her blog.

13 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I heart ALIx TOO, she nevr fails to impress me all the time :)), XOXO, j

  2. candy-colored confection perfection. fabulous post.

  3. What a gorgeous & fun wedding! We'll have to check out her blog!


  4. yes, do check out her blog, eddie ross & co!!!!!!


  5. WOW oui!?

    I love her images and work, now these pictures are what every Bridezilla wants at the end of the day!!!

    ps for a 2nd i thought you'd gone and got hitched from the thumbnail pic on my side bar - LOL!

  6. This wedding is simple and beautiful!

    Love the macaroons instead of a classic cake!

  7. Ohh that wedding dress is perfect! I love this post:) Kisses

  8. absolutely gorgeous. I don't read her blog will but definitely check it out.naina

  9. gorgeous photos!
    i see photos like these and it makes me want to get married all over again.

  10. That wedding is absolutely outta this world. WHY didn't I have macarons at mine? Le sigh.

  11. her dress is amazing and her wedding looks perfect.

    ps - i love your header

  12. hi ! just read your from Boston, me too :)
    When I saw these pictures I died. Everything so simple and pretty.. Have you seen the engagement ring on Betty's finger? (even though she hasn't admitted she's engaged, I hope she posts her wedding pics too !)

    have a great weekend!


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