Monday, May 21, 2018

♥ introducing: CANVAS FACTORY!

while in real life and on social media you will know full well that
i am the mother of two delightful children- i recently realized that if a stranger
were to walk into my condo and look around at all of the artwork
and photographs on the walls, they may not realize that
Sadie were a even member of the family!


i don't know what it is about the second child- but i noticed it growing up
when my sister, Lissy, who is less than a year younger than me,
could never find photos of her time in the hospital right after she was born!
thankfully, everything is saved digitally up in some cloud in the sky for
when i finally get my act together- (which is more than i can say for my poor sis!)

as if reading my thoughts-- and to save me from my negligent printing practices,
i was recently contacted by canvasfactory, and given the opportunity to
print my very own canvas photo! with the simple mission to make
online photo printing easy and affordable for everyone,
canvas factory helped me to right my photographic wrongs
in just a few clicks!

the photo i chose is one of my favorites of Henry and Sadie-
so colorful and happy- perfect really for every room in the house!

sometimes when you blow up a picture you have to worry about
them looking too pixelated, but this photo looks even better blown up
than it does, say, on the front of a candle-- which i also have!

the canvas print wraps stretches perfectly around the back of the frame,
so it rests flush to the wall, and the size is 16" x 20"- big enough to make a
 real impact without getting lost!

canvas factory for the win!