Monday, March 23, 2015

♥ #PitBullFlowerPower

photographer, sophie gamand is responsible for finding loving homes for
a number of unwanted pitbulls.

each year, more than a million pitbulls are euthanized because they are not placed 
in homes. these dogs, which carry a bad stigma of being bred to fight and hurt humans, 
are often passed up for what people consider to be friendlier breeds. 

these universally misunderstood pups are actually just as friendly, loving
and worthy of good homes, and thankfully, artists like sophie are shedding light
 on just how beautiful pitbulls are--inside and out.

by placing floral crowns on the most fearsome faces and snapping their pictures,
 sophie uses #pitbullflowerpower to prove just how sweet and innocent
these dogs really are- and subsequently find home for them too!

if you want to help, send a picture of your pooch wearing flowers
with the hashtag above-- or purchase a 2015 calendar of
some of the cutest pitty models!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

♥ glasses shopping made easy with warby parker!

since my birthday in december, i have been meaning to get into the city
and visit warby parker to pick out a new pair of glasses.

but then the snowpocalypse happened, and the idea of taking 
the mbta into the city sounded less than ideal.

fortunately for me- warby parker does home try-ons,
so i was able to try on five fabulous pairs of glasses
from the comfort of my own home :) :)

here are the five i tried- can you guess which pair i chose? be continued!

Friday, March 13, 2015

♥ have a snuggly weekend!

xo, henry & talula.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

♥ tips for making a gallery wall in your home!

over the weekend, nick helped me set up a little gallery wall in our bedroom.
we have a lot of artwork in our tiny apartment- like this wall in our living room,
but in our bedroom, i wanted to showcase a more personal collection
of prints and paintings that we have been assembling since our wedding. 

from left to right, this gallery wall includes: a painting that my best friend
made of a famous ee cummings quote, a canvas print of one of our favorite wedding 
photos, a custom print of a faux wedding program made by my cousin, jaimee, on etsy,
 a framed handkerchief invitation from our big day, and last (but not least!) -
 a new metal print of my two boys printed to perfection by tiny prints.

if you are looking to put together a gallery wall in your home,
here are a few tips:

1) don't be afraid to use varying size pieces and different colored frames. 

2) if you want to be real precise, you can block out the wall before hand using
painter's tape, a measuring tape, and a level. i like to eyeball it and call it a day.

3) using different sorts of media- be it photography, prints or paintings
also adds some variety and interest to the wall. another welcome
addition may be a small mirror or an oversized letter plaque 
like an "H" for henry or maybe a little chalkboard sign.

4) if you can,  try to pick a theme or color scheme so that the pieces 
in your mini collection make sense together. 

5) just find a weekend and get it done.
don't let your good prints go unframed or your favorite pictures
go unprinted. take action, and make your memories come to life!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

♥ on repeat.

do you ever come across a movie that you never tire of watching,
and put on in the background, even just to intermittently look up
and catch a bit of it here and there- and feel instantly happy?

that is precisely how nick and i feel about boy (2010).
we seriously cannot get enough of this film and notice something
different every time we watch it! 

what's your go-to background movie?

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

♥ i need a (spring) break.

when an email announcing's latest spring break accessories
arrived in my inbox this morning, as i trekked through the snow,
i was instantly reminded of those carefree days back in college
 when i had nothing to do but have fun with my friends,
and enjoy doing nothing!

if i can't have the time off (or the spring weather, for that matter),
i am happy to know that i can, at the very least, 
put a little spring in my step with something f
rom this colorful and kitschy collection:

Monday, March 2, 2015

♥ henry first blizzard.

 at this point, complaining about the snow here in boston 
is a bit overkill-so in lieu of that, i will share some
pictures i took of henry's first venture out into
the icy white wilderness.

 as you can tell, he did not like his snow suit, 
but as soon as he got outside, a serene calmness took over,
and he was quiet and contemplative as the snowflakes landed
on his long lashes. i can't stand the cuteness!!

and i can't wait for spring to come so that we can 
take him for walks in the sunshine instead :)

happy march!!