Monday, March 23, 2015

♥ #PitBullFlowerPower

photographer, sophie gamand is responsible for finding loving homes for
a number of unwanted pitbulls.

each year, more than a million pitbulls are euthanized because they are not placed 
in homes. these dogs, which carry a bad stigma of being bred to fight and hurt humans, 
are often passed up for what people consider to be friendlier breeds. 

these universally misunderstood pups are actually just as friendly, loving
and worthy of good homes, and thankfully, artists like sophie are shedding light
 on just how beautiful pitbulls are--inside and out.

by placing floral crowns on the most fearsome faces and snapping their pictures,
 sophie uses #pitbullflowerpower to prove just how sweet and innocent
these dogs really are- and subsequently find home for them too!

if you want to help, send a picture of your pooch wearing flowers
with the hashtag above-- or purchase a 2015 calendar of
some of the cutest pitty models!

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