Tuesday, September 30, 2014

♥ scenes from the weekend!

we haven't been away all year (yikes!)
this past weekend, we went to new hampshire for a wedding,
and soaked up every last minute of free time together with our friends.
the foliage was gorgeous, and nick took henry for his first swim!
what have you been up to?

Friday, September 19, 2014

♥ have an adventurous weekend!

the weather is supposed to be glorious this weekend-
get out there and enjoy!!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

♥ a little bit of luxe.

this week the new LUXE by banded collection made its internet debut,
and it couldn't be lovelier. not only are these headbands super comfortable,
but now the added element of beading and flowers add a little bit of glamour
to your overall look. ooh la la love!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

♥ taking the plunge.

a week after my best friend, carolyn, took the plunge-
she visited the pool of her wedding photographer, grace taylor,
and took a different type of plunge-in her wedding dress!

after learning that grace also specialized in underwater photography, 
carolyn made the decision to take some photos in her gorgeous gown.
according to the bathing bride, "it was a fun way to wear and play in my dress again!"

don't you love how the pictures turned out? 
it's like her dress was meant to be underwater!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

♥ i'm bringing "bootie" back.

it may not officially be fall until next week- but it's officially freezing outside,
which means bye bye sandals, hello booties!!

i have been looking for the perfect pair to wear to work.
here are some that have caught my eye on shopbop lately:

ps. got an iphone? download the shopbop app and get $25 off 
your next purchase of $100 or more! click here for the deets!

pps. watch meghan trainor bring (the other) booty back on jimmy fallon :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

♥ #nofilter.

did you see the sky last night?
i caught a glimpse of it from my window and just had to
take henry outside to witness the earth's majesty.

the clouds remind me of the ceiling at the boston opera house--
or should it be the other way around? either way- 
have a gorgeous weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

♥ well supplied.

school is back in session- and here i am, longing for the days my dad would 
take us to staples to buy whatever supplies we needed for the new year ahead.

while i am not exactly back to school material, i do love these 
adorable accessories from ban.do to add a little sense of humor to a
student's (or teacher's!!) day:

Monday, September 8, 2014

♥ skirt half full.

in the classic film, roman holiday (1953), audrey hepburn plays a runaway princess
who spends an entire day out and about in the beautiful city of rome with the handsome
 gregory peck (who has no idea of her royal status!)

with costume design by the amazing edith head, it's no wonder that the outfit
hepburn wears throughout most of the film-- a full skirt paired with a white collared shirt,
neck scarf and a simple pair of espadrilles is as timeless as ever.

here are some fabulous full skirts that i found while perusing my favorite website,
 shopbop, so that like audrey, you can make any day a roman holiday.

tibi is offering some gorgeous skirts this season. i want all of them!

this alice and olivia skirt has "holiday party" written all over it!!

these milly skirts could get multiple wears in a multitude of ways.

and these nicholas skirts had me at hello.

psssttt...have you seen shopbop's new iphone app??

will you be trying this timeless trend for fall?

Friday, September 5, 2014

♥ have a fun-filled weekend!!

with love and baby kisses,

Thursday, September 4, 2014

♥ somebody like you.

with its recent debut at the venice film festival and with help from the fashion brand, miu miu,
artist miranda july's short film about her new and exciting app, somebody, has the
whole world playing a real life game of telephone with complete strangers!

i love the idea of taking something as impersonal as a text message and giving it that
 human edge, which is always lacking within the black and white confines of a
cell phone screen. how amazing would it be to have a random person come up 
and deliver a message to you from a loved one? let's both sign up! :) :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

♥ my best friend's wedding.

this weekend my best friend, carolyn, and her fiance, greg, tied the knot.
it was a gorgeous day filled with happy family and friends and a 
whole lot of love ♥

here are some of my favorite details from the special day:
the bridal party-- after hair/before makeup.
bouquets of white and green with pops of yellow.
the flower girl's sparkly nails.
NO UGLY CRYING. (embroidered  in an ugly way by yours truly!)
the beautiful bride. 
snazzy wedding socks worn by the groomsmen.
the big reveal :)
love the whimsical bridal gown, the birdcage veil, and the snapdragon-
filled bouquet! she got it right ;)
and i love that my boys were there to share in the joyous occasion.

congratulations, mr. & mrs. miller!!!!!