Monday, July 10, 2017

♥ the fruits of our labor: blueberry picking at Ward's Berry Farm!

hello friends! 
i hope you've been enjoying your summer so far-
i have been busy navigating the new and exciting landscape of life 
as a mother of two!

 i knew that it would be different- i have watched my sister's
daily routine get thrown out the window on more than one occasion,
with each successive birth, but when it is actually your turn to do it-- 
it's a whole different story!

thank you for sticking with me during this fun transition :)

 this weekend my sisters and i met up, with children in tow,
 to go blueberry picking at ward's berry farm in sharon!

i've only berry-picked once in my life and thought it would
be a great new tradition to start with the kids!

you can't tell from their faces in some of the photos (ha!),
but they loved it!

i call these photos: "misery loves company." haaaaa

 the blueberries were as sweet as they are plentiful!
it actually took a long time to fill the containers- so make sure
you pack lots of sunscreen!

yum! what kind of traditions are you starting this summer?