Friday, December 31, 2010

♥ have a sparkling new year.

tonight nick and i will be sharing a new year's eve dinner at the
restaurant where we will be tying the knot later in the year! it's very
exciting to kick off the year in a place that will be very near and dear to
our hearts our whole life long.

wherever you're celebrating this evening,
may you have a magical new year.

♥ fashion friday: new year's dream.

if you were to ask me what my dream new year's eve outfit would be,
i would probably have to say this pink givenchy cocktail dress worn by the
inimitable audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany's. the tiara, the bouffant, the
white gloves, the earrings, the sparkly clutch , the dress + coat are utter perfection.

here's my clumsy attempt to re-create the look:

dress via 13bees.
stud earrings via tarina tarantino.

tiara via ebay.
diamond clutch via regale.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

♥ verse for a certain dog.

such glorious faith as fills your limpid eyes,
dear little friend of mine, i never knew.
all-innocent are you, and yet all-wise
(for heaven's sake, stop worrying that shoe!)
you look about, and all you see is fair;
this mighty globe was made for you alone.
of all the thunderous ages, you're the heir.
(get off the pillow with that dirty bone!)

a skeptic world you face with steady gaze;
high in young pride you hold your noble head,
gayly you meet the rush of roaring days.
(must you eat puppy biscuit on the bed?)
lancelike your courage, gleaming swift and strong,
yours the white rapture of a winged soul,
yours is a spirit like a mayday song.
(god help you, if you break that goldfish bowl!)

"whatever is, is good"- your gracious creed,
you wear your joy of living like a crown.
love lights your simplest acts, your every deed.
(dropt if, i tell you, put that kitten down!)
you are god's kindliest gift of all- a friend.
your shining loyalty unflecked by doubt,
you ask but leave to follow to the end.
(couldn't you wait until i took you out?)
dorothy parker.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

♥ art is a sense of magic.

on monday (aka snow day), i stayed in and watched movies with the
children who live next door. the princes quest (2006) is a probably
not a film you have heard of before, but as you can see from these
images, it is positively stunning and utterly magical.

watch the trailer & see for yourself :)

♥ life is a flower of which love is the honey.

2011 is going to be filled with many resolutions (watch my video about it!)
of this, i am sure. one that i hope to stick with is posting more about
my upcoming wedding.

here is a wedding that you may have seen on once wed, which truly inspires me--
not only because the bride and groom, yota & joseph, used amazing vintage touches,
but also because they got married right near boston! i can't explain why their
geographical proximity makes me feel like an equally amazing wedding is possible
for nick and i...but it does ;)

the letter-pressed invitation, old fashioned gowns, wild flowers,
vintage handkerchiefs and home-made honey are just too beautiful.
not to mention that umbrella!?!!!
to. die. for.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

♥ the dress is a designated graffiti area.

the only thing i know about this collection by house of diehl
is that its totally awesome! gotta love glamorous graffiti!!

♥ valley of the dolls.

the other night i watched the film, the dolly sisters (1945),
a wikipedia search later and i found out this sister act really did exist.
the director definitely took liberties with their life story,
which was considerably more depressing and tragic,
and also turned them into hollywood blondes.

i think they looked much more chic in real life though.
don't you?

Monday, December 27, 2010

♥ a day late and a dollar short.

isn't it always the way: holiday season comes around and you can't
think of a single gift you really want, and then as soon as the festivities
are over, bam! you spot a whole bunch of things you
should have
asked for when people were actually willing to
spend their
hard-earned money on you?

case in point:
the colorful, beaded beauties by
that i found on christmas day, while flipping through the latest
issue of elle. balls!!
they are like a party for your neck and
pinata for your wrist! want, want, want, love, love, omg.