Monday, December 6, 2010

♥ 12 days of christmas + 4 christmas trees.

did i ever mention that my mother is a little christmas crazy?
she already had most of her shopping done (what??) and puts up four--
(yes, four!!) christmas trees each year. as soon as halloween is over,
the christmas paraphernalia comes out and the music starts blasting.

let me take you on a small tour of my family's home...
pink retro tree in the pink kitchen.

family photos and old ornaments in the living room.

white retro tree and snowman ornaments in the family room.

and the real old school christmas tree in the foyer.

don't you love how each has its own personality?
do you have all your holiday decorations up
or your shopping done yet?
i certainly do not!

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. That pink retro tree is so adorable!

  2. These are all incredible! I wonder how long it must take your mother to decorate. And I am simply dying over that pink tree. I want it now!

  3. The white one is my favorite. :) I'm so sorry I couldn't be there Friday night, Sami, but I saw the pictures and it all looked wonderful! Hope to see you soon.

  4. I'm with your mom on this one - I'm Christmas crazy. You better believe that if I wasn't getting ready to move, my place would be totally decked out. This year I'm getting my Christmas fix from my family's house. Thank goodness it was already all decked out when I went home fore Thanksgiving. That pink one is my favorite!! Where does one get a pink xmas tree? On second thought, I don't need more stuff to pack up and move!

  5. Love all the trees! Check out my blog for an easy way to keep them watered.

  6. You have a pink Christmas tree??!! Sooo jealous!!

  7. I love the different looks on these trees - I want to get a pink tree for my daughter's room.



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