Tuesday, December 21, 2010

♥ don't sweat the small stuff.

my senior year of college is what my mom refers to as my "lost year."
like most impending graduates, i had the worst case of writer's block ever,
incessant migraines and chronic insomnia. but worst of all, i had no time to
accessorize or even look at myself in a mirror. it was like the world was going
on around me and i could not participate. i saw trends come and go, and
my closet remained unchanged.

the night i reached an all-time low was when i found myself running to
the library in nick's sweatpants and a pair of high heeled shoes. why?!

and yet if you saw the fall michael kors ad from this year,
you would know that very look is now in style.

exhibit a: shine by three.

exhibit b: mode junkie
in conclusion, sweat pants are not just for the gym anymore.
they can be dressed up with a pair of sky-high heels, a stack of belts,
a slouchy top and a bit of attitude.

and ps. you can get the look for much less at forever 21!

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. does this mean i can start wearing sweats to the office now too??

  2. Excited to have found your blog! Will definitely be back for some pointers ;)

  3. love these pants, so comfy and stylish and they look great with heel hiking boots which i love:) xx

  4. I love that MK print ad! I ripped it out of Vogue and it now hangs on the door of my dorm closet for inspiration!

  5. Love this post Sami...love seeing the ads (which I have not seen) and love the pics of all these lovely ladies in their stylish sweats!

  6. I am rocking my Joie stylish sweats right now. I love them but husband finds them pretty comic. One of those things that guys simply will not understand.

  7. I love this fashion sweats trend. I have a pair of Oak drop crotch sweatpants that I lived in over the summer. Your post inspired me to drag them out again.


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