Monday, December 27, 2010

♥ a day late and a dollar short.

isn't it always the way: holiday season comes around and you can't
think of a single gift you really want, and then as soon as the festivities
are over, bam! you spot a whole bunch of things you
should have
asked for when people were actually willing to
spend their
hard-earned money on you?

case in point:
the colorful, beaded beauties by
that i found on christmas day, while flipping through the latest
issue of elle. balls!!
they are like a party for your neck and
pinata for your wrist! want, want, want, love, love, omg.

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. sami-that is so true! I was actually online yesterday browsing b/c we were basically snowed in (Raleigh NC!) Hope you had a wonderful christmas.
    (those colorful necklaces are charming!)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. The best I could come up with for my xmas wishlist was a car phone charger (brilliant, right?). However, I love these necklaces - I' a big fan of anything with tons of dangly charms. I hope you enjoyed your xmas, if those pictures from yesterday were of your mom's house - it looks like Santa was good to you! See you on Friday!

  3. love the scarf on the first photo!

    I leave you my blog if you want to come and see what we're wearing in Argentina!


  4. these are beautiful!!! i want one too.


  5. i love the camel blazer!!

    *im your newest follower!

  6. So true. So true! Hopefully you got a few things that you remembered to ask for ;) ...although these pieces are very much Christmas wish list worthy. Hope you had a good one!

  7. gasp! i absolutely need these!!!!


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