Tuesday, December 7, 2010

♥ i'm a stickwitu.

my bff was at a holiday event the other day when she encountered
one of the biggest party poopers for this time of year: static cling!!
she had already paid for parking. there was no drugstore within
reasonable walking distance and no static guard in sight.
what's a party gal to do?

according to ehow, here's how to best combat this fashion emergency:

1) hand lotion: if you are allofasudden struck with static cling, go to a discrete
place and rub skin with a small amount of hand lotion to eliminate static.

2) hairspray: if you happen to be at home before the static strikes, try spraying
yourself with a small amount of hairspray and see if that helps.

3) dryer sheets: these aren't just for making your clothes smell nice in the
wash anymore. tuck one of these bad boys into your wallet or clutch so that
you have one on hand in case of an unexpected attack.

4) wire hangers: try running a metal hanger over the static-offender
before you get dressed. this should help alleviate clinging and will actually
give wire hangers a purpose for existing in your closet!

5) water: nothing like good old fashioned h20 to help clear up any static.
this works especially well for hat head, not as well for clothing.

if you have any other tips for battling pesky party wrecking
static cling, i would love to hear them!

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  1. Woah - new layout? I read your blog in my Google reader, so who knows when you changed it, but I like it! :)


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