Wednesday, September 30, 2009

♥ to be nobody but yourself,

in a world which is doing its best
night and day,
to make you everybody else
means to fight the hardest battle
any human being can fight,
and never stop fighting.
e.e. cummings

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

♥ brevity is the soul of wit.

the first time i set eyes on a client's
jessica kagan cushman cuff bracelet,
i fell instantly in love.

she was wearing the now famous
"ripped off by chanel" resin scrimshaw bangle,
which was made in 2007 as a fashionable reponse
to chanel's resin lookalike,
which has since been copied and re.copied
by stores like forever 21 and aldo.

she has since made the
"ripped of by d & g" bangle,
which also makes something so wrong
look so right.

originally carved out of rare mammoth tusk and
whale bone and now offered in a less expensive resin material,
jessica kagan cushman's bracelets are likened to
modern day scrimshaw,

which is essentially a carving
of a scene or a portrait engraved on the
tusk of a walrus, or a whale's teeth and bones.

some of jessica's bracelets honor the past
by including natural studies of insects and animals,
while others celebrate what is contemporary
with quotes from popular films, witty quotes and song lyrics
that will have you wondering how someone can effectively fit
so many words on such a small surface?

she also makes these deliriously cheeky tote bags,
i would like one for each work day, please!

and maybe someday i will treat myself to
one of these amazing diamond cuff bracelets,
which are so very glam.

Monday, September 28, 2009

♥ an investment in fashion pays the best interest.

in a time when
stocks, 401ks and gas prices
are rising and falling
as quickly as the latest fashion trend
explodes onto the scene and then fizzles out,
wouldn't you like to put your money into
something that will continue to add cache to your
wardrobe for years to come?

this fall, it is time
to invest in a fur vest.

as you can tell from these images of the
a fur vest is versatile enough to be styled
and look equally well with something as fancy as a dress,
or as casual as cargo pants and combat boots.

not only that, but a fur vest can instantly add
color, texture and visual drama
to a fall or winter outfit that is lacking in charisma.

image via

someone who knows how to work a shaggy vest
like it's going out of style is none other than
stylist to the stars, rachel zoe,
whose new fashion line for qvc undoubtedly
includes one of her quintessential looks.

it should come as no surprise
that rachel zoe chose this joie glimmer faux fur vest
as one of her top picks on piperlime as well.
i guess if the if the fur fits...

i love this zara faux fur vest worn by
boston fashion bloggerina,

available in a variety of colors, prints, materials,
lengths, designers, not to mention pricepoints
(depending on whether you buy real or faux),
there is literally a fur vest to suit everyone this fall.
so get hopping!
{ i mean, shopping!!}

Thursday, September 24, 2009

♥ i love objects that beg you to take a second or third look....

...each time discovering something you missed the first time.

my philosopy when it comes to fashion,
(whether for the body or for the home)
is that style is a matter of taste,
and you either have it,
or you don't.

if style is something that doesn't
come naturally to you,
you essentially have two choices:
fake it and hope that no one notices
or leave it to the experts.

one such expert is lisa fontanarosa,
whose gorgeous website offers a distinctive collection
of hand made art, sculpture, textiles, furniture, lighting & more
from artists whom she discovered and hand.picked
on her extensive travels thoughout europe.
one of the most unique offerings on the website,
is the astoundingly glamorous work of british artist,
literally turning other people's trash into treasure,
ms. brand collects hundreds of recycled plastic bottles a day,
reclaiming and repurposing the floral patterns found at the
bottom of each one, by cutting them out, sanding them down,
tagging them together to produce fabrics and chandeliers
that are both stunning and sustainable.

cascade light
another bright star found on lisa fontanarosa's
spectactular web page are the feather.light, wire sculptures and
lighting fixtures of parisian artist, marie christophe.

chaise, sculpture

chanel bag, sculpture

peacock, sculpture

cat, sculpture

legs, sculpture

her work is so luminous in fact,
like dior, roger vivier and cartier to create one.of.a.kind wire pieces
that work hand in hand to accentuate their
irresistible fashions.

chandelier for dior

bee wall sconce for dior

bird cages for roger vivier

horse sculptures for hermes

with the claim,
" i look at life the same way i look at art,
with a childlike sense of wonder and imagination,"
lisa definitely proves herself right with her choice to represent
parisian architect, claude jeantet and her zoo
of corrugated cardboard sculptures
which seem to defy the laws of cuteness
while at the same time upholding the highest standards
of sustainability and greenness.

get any of these cute sculptures here.

textile designer, bonita ahuja,
weaves the beauty of her indian heritage and life's travels
into every piece that she makes.
her pillows are hand appliqued with vintage trim,
and a bit of glitter that will make any home
a happy one.

trail pillows
another favorite from this website (there are so many!)
are the colorful textiles, cozy cushions, and cut out screens
of swedish duo, adam & viktoria.
their pieces are vintage inspired, contemporary,
and oh so very cool.
i want all of their throw pillows, like, right now!!

paradise tree screen, metal

check out lisa fontanarosa's blog here
for the latest updates.