Tuesday, September 29, 2009

♥ brevity is the soul of wit.

the first time i set eyes on a client's
jessica kagan cushman cuff bracelet,
i fell instantly in love.

she was wearing the now famous
"ripped off by chanel" resin scrimshaw bangle,
which was made in 2007 as a fashionable reponse
to chanel's resin lookalike,
which has since been copied and re.copied
by stores like forever 21 and aldo.

she has since made the
"ripped of by d & g" bangle,
which also makes something so wrong
look so right.

originally carved out of rare mammoth tusk and
whale bone and now offered in a less expensive resin material,
jessica kagan cushman's bracelets are likened to
modern day scrimshaw,

which is essentially a carving
of a scene or a portrait engraved on the
tusk of a walrus, or a whale's teeth and bones.

some of jessica's bracelets honor the past
by including natural studies of insects and animals,
while others celebrate what is contemporary
with quotes from popular films, witty quotes and song lyrics
that will have you wondering how someone can effectively fit
so many words on such a small surface?

she also makes these deliriously cheeky tote bags,
i would like one for each work day, please!

and maybe someday i will treat myself to
one of these amazing diamond cuff bracelets,
which are so very glam.

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