Thursday, September 3, 2009

♥ we are shaped and fashioned by what we love.

any career advisor worth his salt will tell you:
"find what you love to do and get paid for doing it,"
which is exactly what courtney prince of
has done.

her etsy store is a visual cornucopia of
custom.created accessories, offering a bountiful variety of
statement necklaces, bridal adornments and hairpieces
that are so spectacular and so utterly stunning–
you will want to wear them
every day
of your

with roots that spread from
utah {where she is from} to
new york {where she lived for 13 years} to
california {where she lives now},
artist and accessory extraordinaire,
courtney prince has found inspiration
in the unlikeliest of places.

her company is named after her beloved pooch,
{doloris (nickname: lolita) petunia bean}
while her accessories themselves are largely influenced
by her unceasingly stylish 96 year old grandmother, who
"always knows when enough is enough, and always wears her clothes
(instead of having the clothes wear her.)"

although doloris petunia llc
has only been in effect since the beginning of this year,
ms. prince's one.of.a.kind wearable works of art
have already been featured in magazines like
UK cosmopolitan and Asian harper's bazaar
and have most recently made an appearance
on the red carpet at the 2009 emmy's!

priding herself on her innate ability
to spot a trend well before it hits the streets,
{for example, she started making her statement necklaces
last year after not being able to find what she was looking for anywhere!}
and to make with her hands anything that she dreams up in her head,
courtney prince is poised on the verge of fashion greatness
with only a fabulously colorful road ahead of her.

if you have any vintage pieces, family jewels or precious baubles
that you would like woven into your very own piece of customized jewelry,
then look no futher than
doloris petunia.

ps. mention my blog and get free shipping
on any order that you place in the month of september!

pps. leave a comment on my blog for your chance to win
a rhinestone head band that retails for $35.
the winner may choose one from the colors below,
or request a color that is not featured!

blue, red, purple, orange rhinestone headbands.

a winner will be chosen next friday!!!

12 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I LOVE all of her stuff! The beadbands make the outfit too - I swoon

  2. wow! her stuff is really unique and very feminine. I love it! I don't see a link to the etsy store..can you please pass along? would love to see the whole collection...

  3. Lovely, I particularly love the paisley. Your posts are really wonderful I enjoy them so much.

  4. I love the bib necklaces and the hair accessories. She is amazing!

  5. These really are beautiful! I am glad to have learned about Etsy because its nice to support people who have a passion!

  6. uhhh I want them ALL! so pretty. love the veils and the bib necklace w/ black netting

  7. I havent seen anything like it! I want to be bedazzled and strewn with jewels and sparkly things xoxo

  8. lovely pieces -- thank you for this opportunity, sami!

  9. LOVE IT SAM!!!! I love love love the headbands!!! What beautiful works of art :)xoxoxoxox

  10. How could a girl NOT feel like a Princess in any one of these Dolores Petunia designs?

    Get one of these and you'll surely turn heads at the Christmas Ball, New Years' Eve Bash, Wedding, or Prom!

    If you decide to spoil yourself and purchase one...make sure to practice your beautiful smile as you say "oh...thank you!"

  11. I just read an article about this fab accessory extraordinaire on etsy and found this link to your blog! Love her stuff and love your blog! I hope to win! ;)


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