Wednesday, September 16, 2009

♥ black is the new black.

last year, i was lucky enough to be asked to model in a
fabulous fashion show for the IIDA
{international interior design association}.

if you have never heard of this extraordinary event
which takes place right here in boston-
then the best comparison i can offer you is that
it is literally like being on an episode of project runway.
and last year, that even included the hot tranny mess himself,

christian siriano, who served as a surprise guest judge!

whose the fiercest one of all?

architectural firms of new england participate with

suppliers, contractors and designers to compete in an
all. out. fashion. extravaganza.
the challenge is to utilize materials from the design industry
which range from plastics to papers to wood
to carpet, to upholstery fabric and beyond,
to create unique, avante garde looks
that are larger than life and will
leave the audience breathless.

last year, the theme of our collection was
"drill, baby, drill,"
a visually compelling commentary
of our country's depdency on oil..
i was asked to wear a perfectly scaled red oil rig
mounted on top of a head of wiry black faux curls
teased out from a spool of carpet fibers.
my dress was made out of sonic fabric, which is made from
50% recycled cassette tape and 50% muslin thread and is
said to play a garbled record noise if you run a tape head over it.
(watch video here.)

despite all of that,
you will be surprised to know
that to me, the strangest thing i was asked to wear
was not the oil rig,
nor the casette tape dress,
the fishnet stockings,
or even the false red eyelashes,
but rather,
the black lipstick,
which was just so elvira,
i was skeptical whether or not it
would complete the look...
but it did!

it turns out that we were a year ahead of our time,
because this fall, black is back in such a big way
that it will have you wondering
if it was every really gone
in the first place.

image found here.

next thursday, september 24th,
mac cosmetics
will be launching their new
with offerings for that goth gal in all of us.

image found here.

one tube of black lipstick packs a powerful punch!
i would not want to mess with the chicks in the
rachel roy fall 2009 ready to wear collection..
(perhaps only to borrow their lipstick!)

...and if i didn't know any better,
i would swear to goodness that the mulleavy sisters
of rodarte must have seen my lips on the catwalk last year
and just had to replicate it for their
spring 2010 collection.

... the good news is,
black lipstick is not just for halloween anymore!

invest in one this season and
come spring time, you will still be able to wear it.
as you can see here in the newest
jason wu spring 2010 ready to wear collection,
everything is fading to black.

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