Tuesday, September 1, 2009

♥ you're either born with a sense of style or you're not.

...either you care or you don't.
and we love fashion.
ashley olsen

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when i was younger but still a little bit too old
to be watching and memorizing musical numbers
i was convinced that my irish twin sis, lissy, and i
were the chinese answer to the olsen twins,
and if we could only get the chance to out.perform them
in some type of talent show-
that we two could too,
could be the next hollywood darlings.

that dream has yet to be realized...
but for the olsen sisters,
who have been acting since they were 9 months old,
fame and fortune has come as easily to them as breathing.
for, they have not only managed to stay famous long after
the last episode of full house aired-
but they have also, {according to the new york times,}
managed to make millions in a down economy,
with not one, but more fittingly, two flourishing fashion lines:

and just like their atypical acting careers,
which seemed to grow with them as the years progressed,
their careers in fashion have also come without
any previous experience in the business,
but rather an intuitive knowledge of what they feel looks good.

images via we heart it.

"marykate and i don't have think about fashion as
these clean, beautiful objects. we just kind of wear it
and live in it," says ashley in the latest issue of marie claire.

in this well photographed article,
ashley speaks candidly on she and her sister's iconic boho/hobo
chic style which seems to be ever.present in
today's laid back society.

from city streets to magazine pages to classrooms
and everywhere in between,
the massive sunglasses, tossled, unkempt hair,
loads of layers, jewelry and oversized bags
that the olsen twins have been sporting for years
{with much flack from the fashion world}
are now a favorite among
women of all ages.

image via people.com

remarks ashley,
"i get it; we were fortunate enough to have really nice clothes,
and we put them together in this raggedy way...
marykate and i are very aware of trends and style,
but at the end of the day we don't even think twice about it,
it's just, 'what do i feel like wearing today?
and how do i want to put it together?' "

is it still ok to sorta want be an olsen twin?

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