Wednesday, September 9, 2009

♥ jesus saves, i spend.

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a couple of weekends ago,
i was lucky enough to tag along
with my boyfriend and a gaggle of teenagers
baltimore's merriweather post pavillion.
it was an all day outdoor musical extravaganza
under the blistering sun,
in the final dregs of summer,
that left cranky little me in dire need
of a baby pool, a parasol,
& a pair of shorts.

one of the many musical
saving graces came in the form
of a performer
whose booming voice and
thundering guitar sound
are a whole lot bigger
than she is
in person.

a walking contradiction– annie clark,
who performs under the name, st. vincent,
is a multi instrumentalist singer/songwriter
who just so happens to be a berklee college of music drop out,
and cannot formally read or write a lick of music.
she has toured with the likes of
but has been working solo for the past few years.

her most recent album, actor,
was heavily influenced by a myriad of films
(ranging from disney classics to wizard of oz),
for which she attempted to create imaginary scores.

and oddly enough,
the album was written in a backwards sort of fashion,
with whimsical melodies made solely on the computer first,
and with lyrics and actual instrumentation added in second.

in the new york times, annie asserts,
"i wanted to make something that has the whimsy and the sweet of something
very pure, like disney films, but also something that was kind of bloody and gory
and disgusting."

i just love what pitchfork has to say about her cartoon.princess inspired
"album cover [which] may showcase her pretty face, but her blank expression and the tight framing leave the images feeling uncomfortably ambiguous.
her voice and the arrangements are often mellow and soothing, but those sounds may serve as context as she exposes undercurrents of anxiety and discomfort hidden beneath a gorgeous face."

orginally from tulsa, oklahoma
annie clark grew up in dallas, texas,
where more is more and
"women put on their ladyfaces."
all images via myspace.

her signature red lips, fairer than fair complexion,
and curly black hair only add to her indie chic style,
which is rife with whimsical separates.
some of which are from rachel comely,
whose spring 2010 fashion show st.vincent just played
today on a new york city rooftop,
to kick off fashion week.

so, while the living doll belted out songs
like "actor out of work" and "the strangers"
and covers of tom petty's "free falling"
and the steve miller band,
tossled hair, maine inspired mavens
trampsed down the runway
with st. swagger.

here's a sneaky peak at st. vincent's
disgusting version of the beatles' song, "dig a pony."
she's super cool.

and for your listening enjoyment,
here are a few choice songs that may just
bring out the actor in you.

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2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I have THE biggest girl crush on St. Vincent. Close second to Zooey Deschanel.

  2. love them both, too!!! you have good taste : )


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