Wednesday, September 23, 2009

♥ you stood in line at studio 54.

...i also stood in line at studio 54 — the movie!
sex and the city

on any typical wednesday evening,
you could find me at home with my boyfriend and my kitty,
lounging around our apartment after a long day at work.
maybe we rent a movie, maybe we order out..
but that's usually as exciting as it gets for a weekday.
but tonight, i went to the disco!

...or more specifically, club OBERON,
at the A.R.T in cambridge where
disco.drama.extravaganza, the donkey show
is now running until January 2, 2010!

for those of you who have never heard of the donkey show,
you are not alone. it has been running for six years in new york,
and is the brainchild of husband/wife director duo
randy weiner and diane paulus.

what they did was take the romantically twisted
and magical tale of lovers lost and found
and re.imagined it in a studio 54 setting so authentic,
you would swear you had travelled back in time.

this setting includes a leather jacket.wearing bouncer,
a coke.snorting deejay, a rollerskating dr. wheelgood,
several sparkle.coated, scantilly clad male dancers,
and lots of disco dancing damsels in distress.

then, they ingeniously incorporated all of the best 70's tracks,
from "don't leave me this way" to "we are family"and "ring my bell"
seamlessly into the character's monologues,
in a way that makes sense and does not stop the rhythm of the
familiar yet fresh storyline.

all images found here.

and do you know what the most exciting part of
this whole theatrical experience is?
you, my friend, are a part of the whole performance!

you are not just a faceless member of the audience,
sitting in a cold theater watching the action onstage at a distance, no,
you are a V.I.P in line to get into the hottest club,
you are a fellow disco darling, sharing the same dance floor
as the main characters while their romantic comedy unfolds,
you are a part of the energy, the music and the pure joy
that makes the night life so magical.

do yourself a favor and round up a group
of your most fabulous friends
and see the donkey show,
like, today!! {i did!}

...and just in case you need a little more convincing,
here's a preview of what the donkey show has in store for you.

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