Tuesday, September 8, 2009

♥ love means never having to say you're sorry.

ok, i have to be honest here.
i may love fashion and everything that has to do with it-
but there is nothing that i hate or dread wearing more
than fall and winter clothes-
and this is something i cannot apologize for.

i am a dress girl all the way.
because, to me, a dress is a
one stop ensemble.
you don't need to spend countless hours matching pants
with tops and jackets and belts and shoes and accessories-
you just throw it on and go!

there is one thing, though, that makes me
literally FALL in love with Fall clothing-
and that is ali macgraw's wardobe

images found here.

her looks in this film are so simple and classic
that if the romantic love story itself
doesn't have you crying your face off by the end-
your wardrobe envy surely will.

here are some fabulous images from the film,
that will have even the most skeptical fashionistas
falling head over heels
for cold weather separates.

images found here.

ali macgraw's character, jenny cavalieri
is a radcliffe wise ass, who claims to be "smart and poor,"
even though her wardrobe is anything but.
she falls in love with harvard hockey player,
oliver barrett IV whose family name is about as
rich and classy as his own style.

{ps. scenes from this film were actually filmed on the harvard campus,
and for this reason, it is screened for harvard freshmen every year!
that is more than we can say for films like, legally blonde (2001),
which actually filmed it's harvard scenes at the
university of southern california}

her pea coats and knit caps,
plaid scarves with matching skirts,
turtle necks and tights are top of the class.
and her camel coat with the popped collar, shearling knee boots,
and cashmere gloves are definitely worthy of the ivy league.

as a side note:

i just read in the september issue of vogue that socialite,
lauren santo domingo just had a replica of ali macgraw's cashmere wrap
custom-made for her by atelier, nicolas caito,
who is patternmaker to designer stars:
thakoon, alexander wang, proenza shouler.
see more images here.
so jealous!!!

and if i can't travel back in time as far back as the 70's to
steal something from jenny cavalieri's closet,
i wish i could at least go back to 2006
when michael kors rocked rugby stripes,
paisley, cable knit cardigans and iconic knit hats
in his fall collection.
he nailed it!

to capture your own love story look,
try this cashmere blend plaid scarf by crumpet.

or tie on this plaid tassled scarf and with matching mini skirt

or put on a pair of black nylons from american apparel.

or snag some fake oversized librarian glasses

or bundle up in one of these wool coats

and top it off with some chic knee boots
like these ones from j crew.

watch it. wear it.
love it.

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. ok...as a TOTAL FALL type kind of guy, just have to say...I LOVED EVERY SARTORIAL MINUTE of Ali MacGraw's silverscreen breakthrough movie moment...not so much the rest of the film itself. though it kind of makes you want to throw on an oversized Harvard sweater and run around the quad sheepishly throwing snowballs at tourists...


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