Wednesday, December 22, 2010

♥ designer darling: sara marhamo.

last september, i dared myself to do something i never thought i would do:
attend a few boston fashion week events, all by my lonesome.
luckily, i met up with some wonderful bloggers and also had the
chance to meet some amazing designers. one of which was the
very talented & lovely sara marhamo.

i recently got to ask the recent MassArt grad a few questions about her style
and what inspired her latest collection. here is what she had to say:

"my style is all about controlled chaos and that influences all of my designs.
deliberate visual excess. i really have a great appreciation for a sense of
craftsmanship & quality in clothing. i learned to sew when i was 14 by a
woman who was obsessed with building the perfect garment, and i think that
definitely influenced the way i create things today. my work is about knowing how
things are supposed to be put together and mixing it up a bit. i also have an
insane love of color. the girl in the little black dress will always look chic
at a party, but everyone will remember the girl in purple or red!"

"this collection explores the comforts of color and texture and pushes their limits from
the familiar folk use to a more modern edge. the looks embrace the tension
between what is, visually, too much and just right. layering the loose with the tailored,
the precisely constructed with the ripped, the woman who wears these clothes will
appreciate learning the rules, only to break them. my muse is a woman who throws it
all together and still manages to look great."

if you are in boston (& intrigued!), check out ms. marhamo's designs in person
tomorrow night at the liberty hotel's "fashionably late" event!!

7 ♥ love notes.:

  1. These are beautiful! Love the 3rd piece. What a beautiful shade of blue.


  2. her designs are wicked.

  3. Simply love the last outift!

    Fun blog - now following :)


  4. I live so close to Boston and whenever there is an event I always miss it! Ahhh!!! :(

    xo Lynzy

  5. I've always wanted to go to Boston Fashion Week. Maybe I will go this year. This designers collection is gorgeous!I love the color and detail.


  6. I've seen Sara at a few Boston fashion events, but I never knew what a talented designer she was! Are you going to the liberty tonight?


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