Friday, December 3, 2010

♥ fashion friday: fancy furs.

at some point this year i started posting about fashion on fridays,
(like here, here, here & here) and then i lost momentum and kinda stopped.
then i started posting on fashion fridays for regarding design, and now
i feel like i want to bring it back full circle. so tada! here you have it.

this season's resurgence of fur stoles have literally stolen my heart.
yes, i am a vegetarian and do not believe in the senseless killing of
animals for their fur, but a little faux fur never hurt anyone, did it?

here are a few fur pieces that will leave your conscience clear,
your neck warm, and you wardrobe a bit more chic.

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. WOW, so many gorgeous people and faux fur stoles! I've still got my old faux fur jacket which gets me through bitter winters, not that it's cold here yet!


  2. great inspiration, soo many blogger awesome with faux fur collar!


  3. That bun in the first picture is the most perfect bun I've ever seen. I love all of these!

  4. beautiful. i think i want one now!

  5. They are so fab...

    I want one...

  6. so luxe. love these looks. just found your cute blog!


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