Tuesday, March 10, 2015

♥ tips for making a gallery wall in your home!

over the weekend, nick helped me set up a little gallery wall in our bedroom.
we have a lot of artwork in our tiny apartment- like this wall in our living room,
but in our bedroom, i wanted to showcase a more personal collection
of prints and paintings that we have been assembling since our wedding. 

from left to right, this gallery wall includes: a painting that my best friend
made of a famous ee cummings quote, a canvas print of one of our favorite wedding 
photos, a custom print of a faux wedding program made by my cousin, jaimee, on etsy,
 a framed handkerchief invitation from our big day, and last (but not least!) -
 a new metal print of my two boys printed to perfection by tiny prints.

if you are looking to put together a gallery wall in your home,
here are a few tips:

1) don't be afraid to use varying size pieces and different colored frames. 

2) if you want to be real precise, you can block out the wall before hand using
painter's tape, a measuring tape, and a level. i like to eyeball it and call it a day.

3) using different sorts of media- be it photography, prints or paintings
also adds some variety and interest to the wall. another welcome
addition may be a small mirror or an oversized letter plaque 
like an "H" for henry or maybe a little chalkboard sign.

4) if you can,  try to pick a theme or color scheme so that the pieces 
in your mini collection make sense together. 

5) just find a weekend and get it done.
don't let your good prints go unframed or your favorite pictures
go unprinted. take action, and make your memories come to life!

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. That's so cute!! I did a mini attempt last year and I'm happy with it but I think it needs something....more! I love how you did yours though!



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