Saturday, October 2, 2010

♥ swap 'til you drop.

i have been reading about the fashion swaps run by the swapaholics: fiercly dressed fashionista, amy chase a.k.a punky (of punkystyle & haberdash vintage) and her equally chic partner, melissa massello (of shoestring magazine) since forever and was so ecstatic to actually participate in one last thursday!!

if you are not sure what a fashion swap is all about, i must say that it is something you need to experience to believe. women (& some men) come from all over with bags full of lovingly worn clothing items that they no longer want. they are dropped off, piled up, sorted through, hung up and rolled out. a few hours later, you are let loose with a bag and a prayer that you will find something in your size in the blindingly hurried race to the racks.

setting up for the event.

as my friends and i mixed and mingled at the boston fashion week sip & swap, we looked down at the event and discussed strategy, which sections we would hit first, etc, but after making it down there, my gameplan went out the window and i did my best to grab what i could and worried about fitting into it later.

here is what i wore:
dress: laundry by shelli segal
studded belt: h & m,
bag: louis vuitton speedy
necklace: a glimpse of glamour

here i am with marissa of the well appointed catwalk,
and amy of a stylish year.

and with naina of style'n & pheobe of lovejoy designs.
(image via style'n)

of course i had to bring my stylish sidekicks, carolyn and marykate :)

i am not lying when i tell you that aside from the fashion bloggers, who had VIP access to the event, the line of swappers waiting to get in literally wrapped around the building. the racks of clothes, i kid you not, were picked dry in under 15 minutes!! it was quite a scene!

after the swap, some of the fashion bloggers were sassy enough to put together looks from the pieces that they grabbed and walked the stage for a modeling show!
here are some of the looks:

lei ann from give me platforms looked like an adorable figure skater!

thais from new brahmin, stunningly styled by d.ama.

amanda from artifaktori wearing a fabulous wrap.

all in all, i have to say my swapping experience was especially spectacular. i loved every frenzied fashiony minute of it.

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. yay! I have the cutes photo of you!! Cant want to show you!

  2. your writeup of the swap is great! so lovely meeting you & thanks for being so sweet. i think you're adorable too!

  3. just seeing this now..somehow missed it! Thanks for the shout out and you didn't have to credit me for my pic. You can use mine anytime :)
    hope to see you tues if I can make it. naina

  4. That necklace is SO fun. I'm dying over all these swap pics that I'm seeing from you ladies. Looks like SO much fun!

  5. Nice recap!! Everyone looks great! I missed it bc I was working. I attended the Earth Day Swap, it was my first, and would've liked to gone to this one as I am more familiar with it and would've been first in line!! :) Sounds like you did well.


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