Saturday, October 23, 2010

♥ fall CATalog.

when i was younger, i dreamed of being the next esther averill,
an amazing author who wrote and illustrated some of my favorite
childhood books about jenny & the cat club.
(read my post about her books here!)

my bestfriend, angela, and i were more or less known as cat ladies,
because we spent all our time writing cat stories, building snow cats,
refusing to eat garfield fruit snacks and practically purring at the sight
of a stray kitty on the playground.

it should come as no surprise that years later i would be asked at
a highschool reunion if i was still... "obsessed with cats?"
why is it that loving kitties has always been such a stigma?
this is a question that sloane crosley ponders in her ny times article,
"cat people are people too", (which my friend sarah recently sent me)

"don't talk about your cat..people will think you're crazy," crosley's
friend warned upon hearing about her article, which leads me
to wonder if i were single, would my adoration for my kitty, talula,
be more of a secret so as to avoid the crazy cat lady comments,
like that jokester from my reunion? i think not.

barneys fall 2010 catalog.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. ohhh, you say that now my engaged one. but trust me, making it known that you are a single cat-owner is an open invitation for questions and criticisms. but by all appearances that barneys catalog is making looking like a cat lady a pretty glam thing...

  2. lol who asked you if you became a cat lady?

  3. I'm a single lady with a cat and, yes, fear the crazy cat lady stigma. But not enough to shout loud and proud about my boy, Buster!

  4. Er, not enough to NOT shout loud and proud...


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