Monday, October 18, 2010

♥ if you find yourself caught in love.

this past friday evening, nick and i and a couple of our friends headed to
the wang theater in boston to see one of our favorite bands,
belle & sebastian play for the first time since 2007.

if you have never had the joyous opportunity to listen to this lighthearted,
melodious music that speaks to the quirky daydreaminess of life,
then look no further than belle and sebastian. i have included songs from their
latest album, write about love, at bottom of this post!

some other intriguing facts about this scottish fold is the fact that their band
name came from a french children's book and that their album cover art
always seems to be a monochromatic photograph of female strangers,
rather than pictures of the actual band members.

for their most recent album, the band actually created a flickr page and
invited people to send in a photograph which includes the title somewhere
within the image and promised to award the winner with a trophy of
some sort. (see entries here!)

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