Friday, May 31, 2013

♥ i could never love anyone as i love my sisters.

having sisters has its merits- there is always a closet to borrow from,
always ready advice on any subject under the sun--from someone as close to
another version of yourself as you can get- but there are also opinions you didn't 
ask for- and in my family there is no shortage of opinons about my hair
and styling choices :)

example #1. last year's super short haircut
when i came home after chopping all of my hair off, my little sister took 
one look at my head and said," sami, there are no words." 
she recently confessed that she is glad my hair is getting longer,
 because i can curl it now and when i wear it straight, 
she thinks i resemble chucky from child's play.

example # 2. the subject of fanny packs.
my sisters don't get it. they think it's touristy.
they laughed at mine, and they don't 
understand how it's fashion-y.

well, after seeing this post from blogger
beth jones, i know i am not alone.
fanny packs are fabulous-
even if your sisters
don't agree.

above, please enjoy some precious fanny pack options
from hipsters for sisters, the brand b. jones
is rocking on her blog :) 
i want one!!!

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. LOL love hipsters for sisters!

    I sometimes wish I had a sister but I don't think the world could handle another version of me :)


  2. Love these fanny packs! Great post!


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