Monday, May 27, 2013

♥ jazz age glamour.

 today, i had the privilege of speaking with the group director of tiffany's in boston
in regard to their latest great gatsby-inspired, jazz-age glamour collection.

in collaboration with catherine martin (the production designer for all lurhman's films),
tiffany's lent their archival drawings from the twenties and came up with a glittering
collection of jewels that look like they came right out of that time period.

the film chose to work with tiffany's because not only are they a staple of classic
american refinery, but also because they had dealings with f. scott fitzgerald himself.

after seeing the film last weekend, i can tell you that the jewelry and the
costumes alone deserve an oscar. not to mention the set design, the film making,
the soundtrack and of course, the acting. the sparkling jewelry is so unique and
so distinctly twenties that you can hardly take your eyes off it.

here are some of my favorite pieces:

this diamond flower ring is beyond amazing.

gatsby's daisy signet ring was a big statement piece in the film.
a number of brooches, like this daisy pin, were worn in hats in the film.

buy me this headpiece and i will love you always.

this  daisy hand piece is unlike anything i have ever seen.

and i think need this zigfield pearl ring. for my 30th, maybe?
in addition to their gatsby line, tiffany's also created their own
zigfield collection, with the same art deco charm at fabulous pricepoints.

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