Wednesday, June 15, 2016

♥ the good party!

last thursday, i attended the goodwill's annual "good party," an annual celebration of all the
hard work that the goodwill throughout the year. in the past, i have had the privilege
of visiting the headquarters in boston- but this was my first time sharing in
such an important event. the excitement in the air was palpable and
you could not help but feel good as you took your seat amidst
the vibrant and whimsical decorations and happy people.

so what is the goodwill's mission??-you ask?

"the goodwill seeks to provide exemplary job training and related services
to help individuals with disabilities and barriers to self-sufficiency to
achieve dignity and independence through work."

i was lucky to be seated with these two fashionistas: lei ann and u-meleni
we all wore different pieces that we had thrifted at the goodwill-my 80's-style dress was 
something i scored ages ago, an LBD that never seems to go out of style! 

i love that all of our outfits seem to coordinate even though we didn't plan it!

coat: sara campbell from the closet
earrings: tarina tarantino
necklace: macy's
belt: express

pictures by lei ann :)

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