Wednesday, June 8, 2016

♥ an unexpected accessory.

snap basket in coral/blue c/o clevermade
as you may have noticed on my insta, my new favorite accessory is not a lipstick, 
handbag, headpiece or shoe- but rather a nifty little snap basket from the brilliant 
designers at clevermade. 

with the intention of "improving everyday life through innovation," clevermade
 has come up with an environmentally friendly, affordable (it's under $15!),
and colorful way to make a trip to the grocery store a little more exciting.

not only does it fit well more fruits and veggies than it should, the sides snap into
place in much the same way that an old school snap bracelet folds into place
around your wrist- allowing for perfect visibility and accessibility.

i have been finding myself using it to carry my handbag, lunchbag 
and baby bag down to the car comfortably without overloading my 
overworked toddler-carrying shoulders. i just need a clevercrate and i will truly have it all! ha!

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