Thursday, March 24, 2016

♥ tasting the spring menu at seasons 52!

on monday evening, after the snow had already come and gone, i hopped over to 
seasons 52 in chestnut hill to usher in the new spring menu with some fabulous 
local food bloggers.

each course (mine were vegetarian!) brought about a different array of seasonal flavors,
and were paired smartly with a variety of wines that brought out their essence. 
this flatbread pizza was as delicious as it looked and was chock full of artichokes,
 roasted red peppers, and feta cheese.

the spinach salad included strawberries, pea tendrils, pine nuts, gorgonzola and 15-year old
 balsamic dressing! i could have kept eating this salad for the rest of the night.

..instead, i ate my helping (as well as gluten free-gal, chelsea's) of this meyer lemon ricotta ravioli. what an unexpected flavor,
and so easy to eat six of them without blinking.

the modified vegetarian options included a delicious risotto with butternut squash,
paired with broccolini and the vegetarian tasting- which was, as seasoned foodie and
fellow vegetarian, molly described, "a smattering of vegetarian options."

in case you're wondering, that is a piece of wood beneath the two pieces of tofu on the right.
i thought it was an oversized cracker and tried to eat it! haaaaaa

lastly, seasons 52 sent us off with the big finale- coffee and mini indulgences-
i tried the belgian chocolate s'more, which is just as indulgent as it sounds :)

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  1. Your pictures turned out great! LOL at you eating the wood piece, I would have probably done the same. Hope you're having a good weekend!

    Chow Down USA


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