Thursday, March 17, 2016

sephora ♥ boston

last thursday, i kissed my boys goodbye and ventured into the city to see the newly 
remodeled sephora at the shops at prudential center. i had heard that the new store was like
"the website come to life,"  and i must say, i agree! 

 apparently, there are only TWO sephora stores like this in the country at the moment!
(the other one is in san francisco, where their headquarters are located!)

^^ here i am drinking red wine from a can, which is especially dangerous when you're distracted
by aisles of pretty makeup! i put it down before the asian glow came into full effect- but
things could have gotten pretty ugly, pretty quickly!

^^what sets this new sephora apart from other stores are a few things.
1) special areas such as the "skin care studio" and the "styling bar" cater to
 customers' specific needs.

do you want your face peeled? step over to the skincare studio.
 do you need a makeover? make a reservation at the styling bar.

^^ 2) there are weekly classes (that are FREE!) and focus on a different topic each week,
and are taught in person at specified times- or with step by step digital guides, if you
drop in at a random time :)

^^ 3) there are more makeup brands to buy! christian louboutin nailpolishes?
i thought they were the stuff of makeup urban legend- and here they are, in all their glory.

^^ 4) and there's more of the sephora brand makeup as well! just look at this vast array of colors. 
i nearly plummeted face first into this beauty counter, never to return!

thank you to boston magazine for showing lei ann and i the best time!

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  1. great writeup, girl! but look at that derp face at the end, hahaha!


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