Wednesday, March 2, 2016

♥ a new look.

hello friends! 

a few months ago, a glimpse of glamour got a fresh new look (thanks to etsy designer,
creative worker bee!) and i never remarked about it because i was trying to get my
 act together and write the "meet sami" section without the trite categorizations of
 "mommy," "boston blogger" and "wife"-and to put all of my feelings about why
 i choose to write this blog into one cohesive statement - and let me tell you-
it was no easy feat. but! i have done it, and i would love for you
to take a look and let me know what you think-


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    1. thank you, linda!!!! happy spring :) come say hi to me at bloomies!


  2. I love it! The end really got me..tear. "The celebration of glamour in the every day and the democratization of fashion is something that is very important to me here on this blog. Not everyone has access to designer labels- not everyone will have the means to hire an interior designer- and not everyone sees their face when they open a fashion magazine- but does that mean that they cannot participate in the finest art form the world has ever known: the art of dressing oneself?" Thank you for saying what no fashion bloggers ever say but should be the norm. You are one of a kind! Glad to know you <3

    1. thank you, feda!!!!!! the feeling is mutual! :) xo


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