Tuesday, September 20, 2016

♥ from fenway to the runway!

last week, i had the opportunity to work as a dresser for the from fenway to the runway
event at the hotel commonwealth, presented by bloomingdale's in conjunction with
the red sox foundation- featuring the wives, girlfriends and fiances of many
of the red sox players!!

 this fashionable event showcased some of the latest fall trends- think wine, velvet,
bold colored furs, lace, saddle bags and over the knee boots- as well as some of the department 
store's top designer brands.

the models were each given an exclusive fitting weeks in advance, where they were able to 
choose two looks that reflected their personality and taste. during the show, there was a feeling 
of nervous excitement in the air, as well as a camaraderie for being the most important women behind
these great baseball figures. everyone was happy to celebrate and honor tiffany ortiz, 
who would make her final runway appearance this year.

if you saw my instagram last week, you probably know that for a fleeting moment,
i shared the same air as david ortiz! it was pure magic and i am still star struck!
i don't think he noticed me at all as i quietly snapped a few pictures on my 
phone over someone's shoulder- but still, wow! ;)

ps. for the event, i wore one of my favorite frocks that i received from e-shakti,
which i love not only for the fifties flare but most importantly
because it has pockets!!! 

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