Tuesday, September 13, 2016

♥ because your kiss is on my list.

forever 21, lip print bow blouse
forever 21, faux leather skirt
kate spade pink/red bag
h&m black booties

last week, i met up with my girl, lei ann at the newbury street boutique, m0851.
 to check out their latest fall merchandise! (remember when i visited back in february?)

i had a chance to try on this jacket, which was very soft and incredibly 
weather-proof, but i would have loved in more exciting color ;)

photos by lei ann!

here i am, mid-sentence, wondering if it comes in hot pink?? ha!!

per usual, lei ann and i were twinning with our printed tops and skater skirts!
i wish we had taken advantage of the natural lighting before it got dark
(damn you- fall!), but we still managed to capture out quirky, colorful looks!!

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