Wednesday, July 1, 2009

♥ while you're selling your coats, you're sewing your own.

two weeks ago, on a drizzly friday night at dusk
my boyfriend and i had the pleasure of seeing andrew bird 
perform at the bank of america pavillion.

with songs that reflect the masterful mind of a lyrical genius and the 
inner workings of a mad scientist–
andrew bird whistled while he worked 
with a variety of musical instruments
ranging from a violin, to a guitar, to a mandolin 
to one of those new-fandangled loop machines
that records small snippets of sound and 
plays them back with just a tap of the foot.

as someone who has to "see it to believe it," 
in terms of which instrument makes what noise,
i was very impressed by the way that one man,
 alone on a simple stage,
with just a few instruments
could produce such interesting sounds.

if you have not heard the music of andrew bird, 
listen to this. 
your ears will thank you.

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now on to the more important reasoning behind this post:
i am in love with the romantic photography used as the cover art for his latest album,

a solitary figure standing in a vast landscape 
of early morning dew,
andrew bird appears to be just another molecule
 in this grand universe, as many of his lyrics espouse.

if it weren't for his ralph lauren-esque style
 of weather–beaten blazers on top of tight fitting vests 
on top of plaid shirts, with rain 
boots tucked timidly over blue jeans, 
he would easily blend into 
the brilliant background.

to me, andrew bird's look is pure americana and reminds me
of the man whose very name is a symbol of 
american fashion itself:

i would like to put on one of these gorgeous 
equestrian–inspired gowns +
 fitted blazers,
from ralph lauren's fall 2009 collection
and go frolic in the fields
like nicole kidman and tom cruise

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2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i took a girlfriend, who vowed to not like it at all, to see him a couple months ago and she definitely came around when she saw him in action. seeing him live is an experience all its own and really captures you.


  2. it was so hot! i love musicians!! i just don't have an ear for music so it is always a different experience when i see what produces each noise. :)


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