Wednesday, July 22, 2009

♥ take from me my lace.

images via we heart it.

lately, i have become absolutely smitten
with the whole lace look.
whether it comes in the form of fingerless gloves,
lace nylons,
a camisole,
a sly looking lace mask,
a veil worn askew,
or even as a smoky night.time eye look,
lace has the power of transparency:
a unique ability
to be there and
:not there:
all at the same time.

i can't tell you how much
valentino's fall 2009 couture collection
makes me want to tear down the drapes
{if i had black lace drapery}
and them into a gorgeous lace gowns,
petticoats, masks and appliques that i could scatter
up and down my body.

chanel's fall 2009 couture collection
perfectly illustrates the fact
that one can either take lace
in small doses,
or completely o.d. on it.
{i prefer the former.}

and i just love how
stella mccartney's spring 2010 collection
proves that lace can be playful and
does not have to be so serious and dramatic all the time.

to get your own lace look,
try this fabulous makeup tutorial.

or maybe just start with a pair of delicate
lace peep toe louboutins found here

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. If only those heels were not eight hundred and twenty five dollars...

  2. i know, but that is your inspiration... now go get the knock offs at aldo or nine west, girl!


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