Thursday, July 16, 2009

♥ don't worry your pretty little head.

image via lolita

my hair is short and straight.
it takes me about five minutes to dry,
it is not dyed and does not require
any styling tools or products
to get ready.

i don't swim that often,
(certainly not in a competition of any kind)
and i am not a synchronized swimmer
(although i like to fancy myself one when i dive off
my boyfriend's shoulders at the beach)

yet, for some reason...
i feel like i need a swimming cap

this photograph from cig harvey's
"eyes like disappointed lemons" collection
speaks volumes with such little subject matter.
somtimes a bathing cap
is all the clothing you need.

vintage vogue image found here.

vogue 1955 via cardigan empire

there is something so timeless about a good bathing cap
they are so no.nonsense,
and add that much needed exclamation point {!!!}
to any swim suit ensemble.

image via we heart it.

i just love the savoire fair attitude
that the swimming cap brings to keira knightley's
utterly cool look in

another favorite is this japanese postcard,
entitled to tomita beach (1936) by an unknown artist.
it captures one of the first bathing beaches in japan,
and has an obvious european influence.

vogue 2008 via cardigan empire
pssst! get this absolutely fabulous swimming cap here.

these marc jacobs swim caps come in a variety of neon colors
and are difficult to find, so i would start with ebay.

have i convinced you yet?
or can you still not wrap your head around
the necessity of owning a swimming cap?

for the skeptics out there,
here is an amazing and astounding number called,
"by a waterfall" from the film, footlight parade (1933)
care of brilliant choreographer, busby berkely
and a human waterfall of extremely talented dancers
who are graceful all the way
from their bathing capped heads
to their pointed tippy toes.
*the good part starts about three minutes in*

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